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Tara mountain, located at the utmost Western Serbia, next to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, the region ruled after the Romans by the Byzanths, Serbian Bishops, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Serbian Kings, then powerfull noblemen, then Prince Lazar, then his descendants and like this all the way to the Turks, is probably the most beautiful mountain of the Western Serbia and many people consider it the most beautiful mountain at the Balkans. On the North, it is edged by the Drina, on the West by the Derventa and White Rzav, on the South by the Mokra Gora and Kremna valley and on the East by the Pilica and the Solotuška river.

The major part of Tara belongs to the Bajina Bašta Municipality and the smaller one to Užice Municipality. With the outstanding preserved nature, flora and fauna (it was pronounced a National Park in 1981), Tara is ideal for holidays and recreation in all seasons. Just the Drina river and its magnificent canyon with the cliffs covered by dense deciduous and coniferous forests (here grows also the famous Pančić Spruce, a relict and endemite left and surviving at these regions already since prehistorical era), the trumps separating Tara and making it so special.

The Drina water is extremely clean and transparent and, owing to the planktons, its color changes from the green to quite transparent blue one. The rafting on the Drina is famous, as well as The Drina Regatta, held here annually, gathering more than 100,000 visitors from Serbia and abroad. Tara has got also several tourism localities and settlements, among which the best known ones are Kaluđerske Bare, Mitrovac on Tara, Zaovine, Šljivovica and Predov Krst, and the artificial accumulation lake and the weekens settlement under the same name  Perućac are a special attraction. The accommodation on Tara is diverse, from the Hotel Omorika and the Javor Annexes at Kaluđerske Bare, through the White Pine Hotel at the Radmilovac resort, the Lake Hotel at  Perućac, the children's resort "Mitrovac na Tari", up to the great offer of private accommodation in the villas and apartments.

Everyone finds something here he is interested in: the mountaineers trek on the Ravna Tara and Kaluđerske Bare, fishermen fish at the  Rzav and Drina, especially in the lake at the Zaovine, the sport grounds in Bajina Bašta, at  Kaluđerske Bare and on Mitrovac are convenient for the height teambuilding for all types of sports, geologists, palonthologists, botanicians and zoologists would never get tired searching around Tara, the historians and archeologists claim the settlement in the Višesava is older than the one in Vinča and the name Tara itself is so old that the Illyrian Autariata tribe, that used to live in these regions, got its name by the mountain name.

Stayin on Tara is really a happening. Thus a Slavic legend becomes quite acceptable. Saying the Tara mountain was selected by the good God Tar, due to many and uniques natural beauties and the mountain got its name after him. The tourism journalists who visited Tara believe  this might be true.

Sports-tourism center Bajina Bašta

+ 381 31 865370


Half-day and the whole day excursions are organized for Tara guests:

Kaluđerske Bare - Rača Monastery - Bajina Bašta - Perućac Lake - Mitrovac

Kaluđerske Bare - Kremna - Kadinjača - Užice - Zlatibor

Kaluđerske Bare - Kremna - Mokra Gora

Mountaineer paths are marked on Tara in the total length of about 120 km and the TAROCIKL project defined biking lanes in the length of about 420 km.


The shortest road to Belgrade is Tara-Bajina Bašta-Rogačica-Valjevo-Belgrade, 180 km long.
There is 246 km from Tara to Novi Sad.

The nearest train station is at Braneško polje on the railroad Beograd - Bar, 15 km far away.

There is the road conecting Tara vith Zlatibor via Kremna ( 38 km ) and further towards Uzice (43km) and the Adriatic Sea.



Down the river Drina Canyon, the third deep in the world, the descent is organized in descent boats driven by experienced kayak drivers
King Dragutin's legacy from the 13th century

THE LOG CHURCH IN DUB (18th century) and SOLOTUŠKI TOWN  (15th century)

A construction masterpiece, by which a great height difference was overcome at a small area by the railroad cruising over Mokra Gora and Šargan

the native village of the famous Tarabić prophets
The ethnic village of Emir Kusturica with the original and copies of the authentic rural buildings from this region 
tourism - cultural - educational center near the Višegrad Bridge


Tara  was pronounced a National Park in 1981. It covers the area of 19,200 ha, 80% od which is the area of the forest ecosystems. The relict and enedemite of the Balkan Peninsula has been there already since the Tertiary period - the Pančić Spruce. There are 34 forest and 19 meadow communities on Tara, 53 species of mammals (the most attractive ones are bear and chamois) and 135 types of birds. In the Tara forests, there are more than 251 types of mushrooms, 3 of them are poisonous, and the Green Pupavka is the most dangerous mushroom in Europe.


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