In accordance with the European Union support to the cross border cooperation in all branches and especially in tourism, the tourism offer of both Serbia and the Bosnia and Hercegovina is richer foran outstanding project - The MAGIC TOURISM RING, a unique circular tour, about 130 km long, which visits the most beautiful landscapes  of Western Serbia and Eastern Bosnia.

Organized by the travel agency Taraturs from Bajina Bašta, the tourism journalists and tour operators from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Macedonia, situated in Bajina Bašta (in Zepter Hotels) cruised by the ship Grizzly 2 on the Perućac Lake and the beautiful canyon of the Drina river, visited Višegrad, Andrićgrad and The Bridge of Mehmed-Paša Sokolović, traveled by the museum train Ćira from Višegrad to Mokra Gora and the Shargan Eight, visited Drvengrad and the Monasteries Rača and Dobrun and closed the story by the road to the National Park Tara and walking to the Banjska viewpoint, providing a sensational view to the Zaovine Lake and the Perućac Dam. And all this with outstanding kindness of the host, gastronomic specialties of the region and far famous brandy of the former Farmer Cooperative and at present Distillery BB Klekovača,   with the exclusive first tasting of the premium brandy Heritage 1858.

Mr.Goran Glišić, the Owner and CEO of the Taraturs agency, tells us: "This green program has been prepared for 10 years, but due to various administrative barriers, it is executed now for the first time. To execute the tour and have an acceptable price, 120 to 150 tourists are necessary. Thus, the program is devoted both to the closed groups from the whole world and the local tourists during the season, those who stay on Zlatibor or Tara or those who select conventions at this territory just because of this excursion".


INTERNET SERBIA TRAVEL NEWS shows by words and photos this unique tour, which, with our absolute recommendation, is fully in accordance with the predicting of Mitar Tarabić, by which "People travel for fun, free to have rest and enjoy it".


Still inadequately explored and thereby the most preserved Serbian mountain Tara, with the National Park and the unique in the world Pančić Spruce, discovered in 1875 on the steep slopes of the Beli Rzav Gorge, is famous for many nature monuments, say live fossils.

Rich in water, it is the most important bear habitat, which, fed in their feeding points, do not disturb the tourists who walk to the Tara attractive viewpoint The Spa Rock (at 1062 m. a. s. l.), from which there is a magnificent view to the canyon of the Drina, Bajina Bašta Hydro Power Station and Bosnian mountains. Taking photos is a must. 


Bajina Bašta is a town in Western Serbia, at the right bank of the river Drina, under the beautiful Tara mountain, at 40 km from Užice, 66 km from Valjevo and 170 km from Belgrade. The Perućac Lake, the shortest and strongest river Vrelo, with its water flowing to the Drina after exactly 365 m, the authentic town symbol - "Cottage on the Rock", the vicinity of Rača Monastery, the foundation of the King Dragutin Nemanjić from the 13th century, the center of rewriting and the Church documents writing, among them also the first copy of Miroslav Gospel and many other cultural/historical monuments make Bajina Bašta an attractive tourism destination.


Perućac Lake, created by starting the generators of the Hydro Power Station Bajina Bašta, and the canyon of the river Drina, among the people famous as 'The Green One', due to the incredibly green color of the water, one of the deepest ones in the world (at some places up to 1,000 m) and the rocks from which trees grow, defying to the Earth's gravitational force, leave one breathless. With music, at the cruise 52 km long, we enjoyed the nature beauty, the habitats of flora and fauna species, the estuary of the river Žepa into the Drina river, in the passing through the narrowest section of the canyon, by minor creeks and rivers, the Old Ship Camp and medieval fortresses.


At the banks of the Drina, at the Eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, Višegrad is spread with its greatest attraction, the bridge that  Mehmed-Paša Sokolović had constructed in 1571 and which was described by Ivo Andrić in his novel The Bridge on the Drina, for which he won the Nobel Prise for Literature. Inspired by the works and characters of Ivo Andrić, the film director Emir Kusturica created Andrićgrad, the tourism complex opened for visitors in 2014.  This 'Stone Town' is a mixture of the epochs and styles replacing each other (the Byzanth style, Ottoman period, Renaissance, Classicism, the modern period). With the actors' reading of Ivo Andrić's texts, coffee with lokum and homemade cookies, staying at this destination is unforgettable.


We drive from Višegrad to the Nature Park Šargan-Mokra Gora 20 km per hour by museum train Ćira, on the narrow tourism railroad, which connected Belgrade with Sarajevo from 1925 to 1974.

Mitar Tarabić's prophecy gets here full 'tourism' meaning: "Many years will pass and then people will remember the iron road and renew this road from the beginning. However, passengers will not travel to Višegrad as necessary and for business, but  for fun, free to have rest and enjoy it".

At 12 km from Višegrad, in the gorge of the river Rzav, the train makes a break near Dobrun Monastery devoted to the Annunciation, built in 1343 by the Zupan Pribil and his sons Stefan and Petar.


In a clearing across the Golubinci station, on the Shargan Eight route, the film director Emir Kusturica created and constructed the ethnic village Drvengrad - Mećavnik. There are many facilities there: St. Sava Church, library, cinema with the state of the art picture and sound, apartments, a swimming pool, tennis court, etc. We recommend a break with Boza, coffee, Tufahije and Urmašice sweets.

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