This year’s World Tourism Day will be celebrated under the slogan SUSTAINABLE TOURISM – A TOOL FOR DEVELOPMENT (September 27, 2017). On this occasion Mr. Taleb Rifai, World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Secretary General , says:  "Last year alone, 1.2 billion travelers crossed international borders in one single year. By 2030, this 1.2 billion will become 1.8 billion.      The question, as we celebrate World Tourism Day, is how we can enable this powerful global transformative force to contribute to make this world a better place and to advance sustainable development. Whenever you travel, wherever you travel, remember to respect nature, respect culture and respect your host“.
The central celebration of this year’s World Tourism Day will be held in Qatar and will be focused on two basic topics: “Tourism as a Driver of Economic Growth” and “Tourism and the Planet: Committed to a Greener Future”.
The National Tourism Organization of Serbia will celebrate the World Tourism Day granting its highest award - Tourist Flower for the period from July 2016 to July 2017.
The Award, which understands, in addition to the diploma and the appropriate statue, by categories, also the attendance to the fairs and workshops abroad, is given for the important accomplishments in the quality rising of tourist services, as well as contribution to the tourism development, improvement and promotion in the following categories: Tourism Organization, Tourism Event, Incoming Travel Agency, Accommodation Facility (with two sub-categories: the hospitality facility type HOTEL and other accommodation hospitality facilities) and Organization or Individual for Contribution to the Tourism Improvement.


World Tourism Organization


National tourism organization of Serbia
“Tourist Flower”

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Europe is the best visited region on the planet, is the conclusion of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) for the year 2016. According to its data „International travels in the world had the 4% growth in the period from January to June 2016, compared with the same period in the previous year. Destinations all over the world were visited by more than 560 million tourists, 21 million more than in 2015. Asian and Pacific countries had the number of tourists’ growth of 9%, which is the highest growth in the world.

The number of visits to America, first of all the Central and South ones, had the 4% growth, some parts of Africa had the 5% growth, while some parts of Middle East declined for 9%. Europe is still the best visited, it has the 3% visits number increase.  But all parts of Europe are not equally demanded – the North, Central and Eastern Europe were visited by 5% more tourists, the Western one only by 1% more, while the Mediterranean part of Europe was visited by 2% tourists more.“ Within Europe, the most visited country is still France.

Serbia fits in the general picture in its own way – in the first six months 2017, there were almost a million nights in Belgrade, with the number of tourists increase of more than 19%, while the increase at the country level is about 15%. Ms. Olga Baletić, PR of the National Tourism Organization of Serbia, points out „Beside the fact that Serbia is an authentic country with outstanding offer, the international guests highlight first of all the hospitality of Serbian people and show their wish to come back again“.

Serbia participates in the international tourism turnover, as well. As declared by Mr.  Aleksandar Seničić, CEO of the National Association of Travel Agencies of Serbia (YUTA), „More than a million Serbs spends their summer holiday abroad this year, first of all in Greece. Then follow Montenegro and Turkey, then Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Egypt, Croatia, etc. Compared with the last year, travel agencies have got the 7% increase of the travelers number“.


World Tourism Organization


Association of Travel Agencies of Serbia (YUTA)

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National tourism organization
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About 2,000 events are held annually in Serbia and those such as Exit, Beer Fest, Guča, Nišville and Barbecue Show in Leskovac alone bring about two million tourists and accomplish the income of about 30 million Euros. The number of the local and international guests is almost equal at them, mostly from the Western Europe. Most events are held in August, but September does not lag behind, either, particularly with the events related to festivals, gastronomy and fruit picking days.  

For the forthcoming days Internet Serbia Travel News suggests you to visit the following ones:

On August 25 – 27, in Novi Bečej,  there is the Dormition, one of the most visited events in Serbia. It include a parade of drawing horse teams, fish soup cooking competition, The Wine Street, tamburitza band competition, ethnic bazaar and attractive concerts (

On August  25 – 27, in Osečina, there is the International Plum Day, an economic – tourism event promoting plums, the old crafts, the national handicrafts, tourism and cultural assets of  Podgorina (

On August 25 – 27, in IvanjicaThe Nušić Show is organized,  a festival devoted to the great Serbian writer Branislav Nušić. The program consists of performances, concerts, exhibitions, workshops and tourism presentations (

On August 27 to September 1, in Veliko Gradište, there is the International Tourism and Environmental Film Festival SILAFEST (,

On August 28 – September 2, in  Leskovac, there is Barbecue Festival,  a gastronomic / tourism event, the competition of the local and international grilled meat manufacturers, with the cultural/entertaining side event program (

On August 28 to September 3, in Zrenjanin, the traditional events are held: BEER DAYS ZRENJANIN 2017, Entrepreneurship and Innovations Show INOCOOP and the International Folklore festival LALA (

On August 31 to September 3, in Belgrade, FISH FEST is organized, a gastronomic / tourism/ entertainment event, including SARAJEVO CUISINE DAYS, MEDITERRANEAN SPECIALTIES DAYS, as well as the fish soup cooking competition  (

On September 1 to 3, in Požarevac, there are Ljubičevo Equestrian Games, an International Equestrian Competition, with the cultural / entertaining program  (


At the Serbian tourism market, Tourism World Ltd., publisher of the magazine under the same name and a member of ALCO Group, celebrates an important Anniversary – 15 Years of the TOURISM WORLD Magazine Publishing. This modern equipped and designed magazine, adapted to the general reading publics, rose gradually from a professional magazine in 2002 to the luxurious lifestyle one with the thematic units covering the branches of tourism, hotel management, gastronomy, Wellness and attractions. As declared by Ms. Ljiljana Rebronja, Founder and CEO of the Tourism World, ”We have been for 15 years the information and professional logistics to hotel managers and tourism staff in Serbia and the region, providing also all other readers with the insight into the latest trends, current and useful information and interesting points from the hotel and tourism industry, but also management, marketing and education”.

The Editorial Board of the TOURISM WORLD magazine, being in its outstanding attractive Anniversary July / September edition full of tourism information and reports from Serbia and the world, is engaged also in other plans – it organizes the Forum of Hotel Managers & Households, grants the renowned Good Service Ambassador Award for the Most Successful Team of the Hotel Household of Serbia, creates Wellness & Spa Festival, devoted to health, beauty and prevention, it is the author of the exclusive tourism brand Serbian Royal Spas, it carries out the portal, devoted to the professionals in the hotel / tourism industry and many lectures and seminars. 
New challenges wait for the TOURISM WORLD by the end of this year:
- October 5 – 7, at Novi Sad Tourism Fair, it will attend it with the new magazine edition and the new offer to its business partners 
- November 10, in the Falkensteiner Belgrade Hotel, the 14th HOTEL MANAGERS FORUM will be held, this time with the regional attendance and the topic Leadership: Philosophy, Skills or Talent
- December 15, in the Crown Plaza Belgrade Hotel, the Hotel Manager GALA EVENING will be organized with the GOOD SERVICE AMBASSADOR Award granting, since this year also at the regional level.

ISTN congratulates the Anniversary to its TOURISM WORLD colleagues, wishing them to fulfill all their business/tourism plans






The summer season on Serbian mountains - Kopaonik, Zlatibor and Stara Planina has been under progress for two months and as declared by the Management of the Public Company Ski Resorts of Serbia, „During this time period, the achieved number of drives, as well as the number of sold ski passes for the features of the Ski Resorts of Serbia has reached the record figure. Since season beginning, the sold ski passes number on Kopaonik has been increased for 60% and on Tornik for 46%. The financial data show this summer has exceeded all expectations. Thus, the accomplished turnover is 70% higher compared with the previous year.  The excellent visit was supported by the Top Summer Weekends and other promotional actions“.
Ski Resorts of Serbia created many features for tourists, from adrenaline attractions, such as bobsleigh on the rails, zip line and tubing lines, through the Adventure Park, mini golf, to the multifunctional sport grounds. For the first time this summer, the race Triathlon – 3S was organized on Kopaonik, in which the partcipants were competing in biking, trekking and mountain cart run down. The traditional race Three Sides of Kopaonik was performed with To All Sides Association.

It got its name by the sides of Kopaonik mountain -   Raška Municipality, Brus Municipality and Jošanička Spa. On Tornik,  the International Downhill Biking Competition was organized along with the Biking Club Fullcontrol Bike. 
For the mountain summer fans, another Promotional Weekend ‘Mountain for All’ (August 25 – 27, 2017) remains, when the 15% discount will be approved for all features.  And as long as the weather it allows, the tourists will be able to use the panoramic chairlift drives, trim paths, mountain bike and mountain cart runs. From MK Mountain Resort ( they say  „September is the month for new challenges, all advantages of the entertainment – recreation activities on Kopaonik should be used”.



Public Company
Ski Resorts of Serbia

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As shown by research, even up to 10,000 passenger cars pass through some travel destinations in South–West Serbia daily. This was the reason for the Program Private Sector Development in South–West Serbia (PSD), financed by Swiss Government, to establish partnership with the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, National Tourism Organization of Serbia (NTOS) and the Public Company Serbian Roads and launch the mutual project for the travel sign installation as the tool of the sales increase in the transit tourism.

To enhance the coordination between all parties in the chain of tourism demand and supply, everything in order to provide better sales in the market, a list of travel attractions and localities of the South–West Serbia. After their mapping, 70 travel attractions, destinations and facilities of tourism importance, including, for the first time, also 20 traditional product manufacturers were provided with the adequate travel signs. The promotion of these, but also other travel attractions of Serbia begins already at the border crossings, where welcoming billboards were installed and free Wi-Fi connection was enabled, through which the tourists may download the free Android/IOS mobile application – Audio Guide through Serbia.

The transit tourism offer was enhanced also for 20 TASTING CENTERS of traditional manufacturing, which prepared the space to receive individual tourists and tourist groups, under PSD support. They were enabled to look at the production process, taste the traditional products, such as ham, brandy and jam, buy them and thereby impact the sales and income growth of the traditional manufacturers. The most important success index of this initiative is the number of additional transit tourists who visited the marked localities. In PSD they point out, “Already in 2016, the travelers’ sales at the marked localities was increased for 20% only owing to the signs, while the sales of the traditional manufacturers increased at the average of 15%”.

All information about the TASTING CENTERS of South–West Serbia are on PSD Website -

ISTN presents attached some of the TASTING CENTERS.




One of the most exciting events organized by the Tourism Organization of Belgrade, under the auspices of Belgrade City Assembly, many city municipal services and partners, is the traditional BOAT SHOW, representing the symbolic Belgrade’s farewell to the summer. At this event with the objective of promoting the rivers Sava and Danube and their confluence, making the recognizable image of Belgrade along with the Great War Island, the participants are decorated boats and ships from Belgrade marinas, as well as the sportsmen from sailing, nautical and rowing clubs and Associations.  In addition to the program on the water, the event understands also the related cultural / entertaining program on the river bank with concerts, exhibitions, presentations, Latino dances, as well as the traditional fireworks.   

The BOAT SHOW, attracting both Belgrade inhabitants and local and international tourists, is held on September 2, 2017, from 5.00 p. m. to 11.00 p. m., in front of the Sava Promenade, at the aquatorium  between the Branko's Bridge and Gazelle.

ISTN provides attached the BOAT SHOW program.


Tourism Organization of Belgrade






Summer events in Belgrade have been completed for two successive years by the Summer Schemes event within the project Belgrade Night Market. The movement called “Love Your Local Market", under participation of 1,200 cities all over the world, was joined also by Belgrade in 2016. Under the slogan The New Green Market Face, with the idea of green market promotion and pointing out of the traditional values, offered by them, Belgrade Night Market, the unique tourism/economic festival, where young designers, delicacy manufacturers, restaurants, artists, wineries and other catering staff,  display from 6.00 p. m. to the midnight, turning on that day the green markets into the largest restaurant and outdoor art exhibition, affirms home made and local products, young entrepreneurs, family activities, healthy way of living and enriches the city's tourism offer. As declared by this festival organizer, initiated by Rakia Bar and supported by the Public Utility Company City Markets, Tourism Organization of Belgrade and the Belgrade City Secretariat for Economy, „In addition to the great taste, available for the visitors are also recipes for the meals tasted by them, the advices about food and drinks coordination, cocktail preparation, as well as other interesting gastronomic workshops. The program is completed by performances of famous music bands, art painting and photo exhibitions, Capoeira bands and street music players“.

The tourism attraction Belgrade Night Market, which connects the market tradition and the urban spirit of Belgrade, after the July events at the Kalenić Green Market and a shorter summer break, will be continued on September 8, 2017 at the market Blok 44.
Turistička atrakcija „Beogradski noćni market“, koja spaja tradiciju pijaca i urban duh Beograda, nakon julskih dešavanja na Kalenić pijaci, i nakon kraće letnje pauze, nastaviće se 8. septembra 2017. godine na pijaci u Bloku 44.

Belgrade Night Market

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Contributing to the development of cultural tourism in the region, the Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection from Novi Sad and the Heritage House from Belgrade organized at the Petrović Royal Court, in the Modern Art Center of Montenegro in Podgorica  (August 3 – September 2, 2017) the Exhibition “Petar  Lubarda 1907 – 1974 – 2017”, on the occasion of the celebration of 110th Anniversary of the artist’s birth. After Podgorica, this Exhibition in the extended form will be shown in the museums – project organizers: the Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection (September 7 – November 5, 2017) and the Heritage House (November 9, 2017 –January 10, 2018), where Lubarda’s paintings from the Museum of the City of Belgrade, Museum of Serbian Orthodox Church, Government of the Republic of Serbia, Matica Srpska Gallery and Milan  Konjović Gallery from Sombor.
The connection of culture and tourism has been shown also through the cultural / tourism event SUMMER IN THE GALLERY GARDEN, organized in Novi Sad since 2012 by the Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection and Matica Srpska Gallery. This year’s event offers to the fellow – citizens and guests of Novi Sad, the European Capital of Culture 2021, an interesting and diverse program during summer evenings, consisting of music features, travel reports about Portugal, Santiago de Compostela and Peru, films, quizzes and other features created to become the recognizable cultural / tourism offer of the city.

Manifestacija “LETO U VRTU GALERIJA“ se održava svakog četvrtka tokom jula i avgusta, od 21 do 23 časa. Za sve Novosađane, i goste Novog Sada, ulaz je slobodan.
ISTN provides attached the event SUMMER IN THE GALLERY GARDEN program.

The Memorial Collection
of Pavle Beljanski

+381 21 4729966


Ministry of culture and information


European Heritage Days, a joint initiative of the Council of Europe and the European Commission, are the most widely celebrated participatory cultural – tourism events shared by the citizens of Europe. As declared by the organizers „The pan-European nature of the events contributes to bringing citizens together and highlighting the European dimension and the value of cultural heritage in 50 States.
This year’s European Heritage Days celebrate the intrinsic relationship between people and nature under the common theme „Heritage and Nature: A Landscape of Possibilities“. Emphasis is given to heritage values embodied in nature, to the extent to which the environment shapes people’s lives and lifestyles and its contribution to their well-being and socio-economic prosperity. The events taking place in urban nature sites, historic gardens, national reserves, home yards, national parks, heritage biotopes, protected areas, every day and outstanding landscape will help people to connect to nature and explore its diversity and cultural values“.

On the occasion of European Heritage Days, to be held in the second half of September, the project 101 EVENT IDEAS FOR THE EUROPEAN HERITAGE DAYS was presented in the Council of Europe as inspiration for the program creation to highlight people’s relationship with their immediate environment, preserving nature, heritage and landscape for future generations.

ISTN provides attached the project 101 EVENT IDEAS FOR THE EUROPEAN HERITAGE DAYS.

Special Hospital Kanjiža Spa provides its guests with the opportunity, in addition to the rest and recreation, to get insight into their medical condition, by its summer programs and packages MY WEEKEND,  ULTRA LAST MINUTE, SHOPPING AND SPA WEEKEND and the TEN DAYS PROGRAM: OSTEOPOROSIS, as well as the DETOX package including the swimming pool, sauna, general relaxation massage, squeezed fruits and vitamin salad, AI CHI program of the spirit and body harmonizing and the SALT SAUNA, in which bricks are used from salt rocks from the Himalaya, combined with wood. Special hit this summer is the program SUMMER IN KANJIŽA SPA - ULTRA LAST MINUTE.
In order to make the staying in Kanjiža Spa, famous for staying of many sport teams, as attractive as possible, the guests are suggested to spend a part of their free time outdoors, either cruising on the Tisa river or at the organized lunch near it. Under cooperation with DMO Kanjiža, the excursions “Meeting Kanjiža“, „Shopping Tour to Szeged“ and „Visit to the Consumer Goods Market in Subotica” are organized, as well.

ISTN provides attached current programs of Kanjiža Spa.



The Kanjiža Spa

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Junaković Spa, in which the visitors enjoy this summer in swimming pools with toboggans, diving board and other related features, outdoor and indoor swimming pools with thermal mineral water, beach volley and tennis courts, table tennis, children’s playground and the eight lane bowling unit, introduced also a new feature – MINI WELLNESS CENTAR, with body therm cabinet, tepidarium  and Finnish sauna
In Junaković Spa, they offer their guests also diverse Wellness & Spa programs, curing water, sauna, practices in the swimming pool, Wellness treatments and various massages. Junaković Spa guests enjoy swimming pools with toboggans, diving board and other related features, beach volley and tennis courts, table tennis, children’s playground and the eight lane bowling unit. For those who would like it, fishing on Toza’s Marsh is organized, as well as the walk on the Health Path through the  Junaković Forest (3rd class nature monument). The Spa was constructed at its edge. Junaković Spa is connected by biking tracks with the nearby Apatin (3.5 km) and Prigrevica (4.5 km). Apatin and Sombor sightseeing visits are planned, as well.
An attractive Junaković Spa offer section are various types of Weekends for Two Persons (and families with children), Packages for Two and Family Packages, the Day and Mini Packages and the offer for Trade Unions and retired persons, with payment in installments, is present, as well.

ISTN provides attached the current packages and programs of Junaković Spa


The Special Rehabilitation Hospital ‘Junaković’
Prigrevačka bb, Apatin
+381 25 772477
+381 25 772311



Under the motto „SPA CE with many ideas for relaxed and healthy way of living”, this year’s ninth SPA-CE, Trade Show of Spa and Wellness Tourism of the Central Europe, is held on November 17 to 19, 2017, in  Ptuj Thermal Spa, Slovenia. The organizers expect arrival of more than 30 exhibitors and so many buyers from more than 20 global countries. As declared by the SPA-CE organizer, „SPA-CE trade show has existed since 2009 and this year’s host is Ptuj Thermal Spa, a part of Sava Hotels & Resorts Group, famous for Roman tradition reviving, Roman spirit enjoying, sensual food, hedonism, beauty, a lot of wine and grapes and … business. Everything here moves between the ancient Rome and the present time, between two vineyard areas, between culture and history.  Ptuj Thermal Spa, living in harmony with the ancient Rome spirit, is the perfect host of this B2B event devoted to the spa and wellness tourism. If we look around, we see the Central European region has got the most developed spa industry at a concentrated area, which means large opportunities are in front of us”.





After the First World Conference on Wine Tourism, held last year in Kaheti wine region, in Georgia (September 7 – 9, 2016), the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the Ministry of Tourism of Argentina organize this year THE SECOND WORLD CONFERENCE ON WINE TOURISM in the Argentinian  city of Mendoza (September 29 – 30, 2017). 

As declared by the organizer, “This region, famous as the heart of Argentinian wine production, produces 70% of the national wine production and about 85% of bottled wines sales. Mendoza is a wine brand and ideal area, offering the attendees the opportunity to experience directly various aspects of wine tourism.


Since 2017 is the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, this will be also the main comprehensive topic of the Conference. The connection between wine tourism and sustainability fits into the Universal Agenda for Sustainable Development till 2030. In this respect, the Conference will be devoted to the strengthening of the relations between the sustainability and the wine tourism, with the focus on the important role of wine tourism at the sustainable development of travel destinations”. 
The Second World Conference on Wine Tourism will consist of many sessions in various wineries. Professional lecturers will initiate the topics and discussions and the attendees are expected to participate in the interactive debates actively.


World Tourism Organization