National Tourism Organization of Serbia (NTOS), which featured the tourism offer of Serbia in front of many global tour operators  (Regent Holidays, Travel the Unknown, Exodus, Thomas Cook...) and media (Travel Channel, Travel Weekly, Food and Travel magazine, Sailing Travel Magazine, BBC, National Geographic...) at the International Travel Trade Show ''World Travel Market'' (WTM) in London (November 6 – 8, 2017), started the promotional media campaign for the winter season 2017/2018 at the local market (November 10, 2017) under the slogan ’See Serbia – Winter Holiday is Nearby’. The campaign, lasting by the end of February 2018, includes the winter mountain resorts (Kopaonik, Stara Planina, Zlatibor, Tara, Zlatar, Divčibare, Sjenica...), Serbian spas (Vrnjačka, Niška, Bukovička, Sokobanja, Prolom banja, Atomic Spa Gornja Trepča...), as well as the city centers (Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, Čačak, Kragujevac, Novi Pazar...) with special focus on the current museum offer and the atmosphere in the cities during the winter holidays. Since according to the data of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia the Serbian mountain and spa resorts had in the first three months of this year the number of guests increase higher than 20% compared with the last year, by this campaign they should get closer to the local and international guests.

National tourism organization
of Serbia

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The intention is to show the offer diversity, but also Serbian creativity, innovativeness, entertainment and gastronomy.  

Ms. Marija Labović, NTOS CEO, points out „We shall get the Serbian tourism offer in the winter period closer to the publics also through the promotional messages, such as 'See Serbia... when you wish the holiday magic', 'See Serbia ... and experience the most tender winter moments', 'See Serbia... and wake up the child in you' ... We put special focus on the promotion by social networks Facebook and Instagram. The proposals for winter holiday in Serbia will be presented through digital media innovative formats, such as  Facebook Frames, live Facebook reactions, cinemagraphs  and 180o video, specially created for the campaign purpose“. 






National Council for the Tourism Development of the Republic of Serbia, presided by Dr. Rasim Ljajić, Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia, held its session (November 16, 2017) consisting of new members, in the Palace of Serbia. Beside defining actual measures for the tourism development of Serbia, the session was the reason to celebrate the most important recognition of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) handed to Prof. Dr. Slobodan Unković, Emeritus of  Singidunum University in Belgrade and Vice President of the National Council, by Mr.Taleb Rifai, UNWTO Secretary General (October 23, 2017) in the UNWTO premises in Madrid. The recognition was given to Professor Unković, who has been cooperating with the UNWTO as an expert for more than 40 years, for his many years long successful work in the stimulation of the tourism development in the world, especially within the education of the high skilled staff for tourism.

At the meeting with the Council members, associates and tourism journalists, Profesor Unković highlighted „This is a recognition both to me and Serbia, since Serbia, along with its Region, is certainly among 50 most demanded travel destinations in the world. Tourism is not a stand by thing, but an important part of the economy, enabling many jobs opening. We realistically expect in this year the tourism income of about 1.5 billion US Dollars, but our objective are three billions. And as especially important matter, tourism has to pay more attention to the nature, since there are many bad examples in practice, such as deforestation for hotel apartment construction. Thus, one of our first forthcoming sessions will be devoted to the environmental protection, because, in addition to the economic dimension, there has to be also the environmental one“.


ISTN Editorial Board extends its most sincere congratulations to Professor Unković for the recognition.



Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications
Department of tourism

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National Tourism Organization of Serbia (NTOS), the organizer of the national selection of the European Destinations of Excellence – EDEN, declared the winner of the open competition held in Serbia with this year's topic CULTURAL TOURISM is NOVI PAZAR Municipality. The accompanying destinations are Sremska Mitrovica i Zaječar. Since the EDEN project promotes the models of sustainable tourism development in the EU member countries and membership candidates and its general objectives are visibility increase of less famous travel destinations, awareness creation of diversity and quality of European tourism offer, moderation of the seasonal character and tourism sales orientation to non-traditional destinations with the awarding of the sustainable tourism forms, the winner destination in Serbia competed with the tangible cultural heritage, which includes, among others, the monuments on UNESCO list – Medieval Complex Stari Ras with the Saint Apostels Church Petar and Pavle (Petar’s Church), Monasteries Sopoćani and Đurđevi Stupovi, a part of Transromanica cultural route of the Council of Europe, the sights from the Ottoman Empire period – Novi Pazar Fortress with the Old Town, Altun-Alem and Lejlek Mosques, Isa-Beg Hammam and many other localities and features illustrating the wealth of tradition and dynamic development of this multicultural environment.

As declared by Mr. Dejan Crnomarković, EDEN Project Manager in the National Tourism Organization of Serbia, “ In total 26 valid applications arrived at the open competition and the final sequence was determined after visits to the candidates in the narrower selection  - Zaječar, Kuršumlija, Novi Pazar, Bač and Sremska Mitrovica. The winner and two accompanying destinations will be included in the EDEN Network and promoted also at the international level though a special publication devoted to this project, as well as by Websites of the National Tourism Organization of Serbia, European Commission and social networks”.

The National EDEN awarding will also be held in December this year within the traditional annual event organized for its associates and media by the National Tourism Organization of Serbia.



National Tourism Organization of Serbia - Project EDEN

+ 381 11 6557112, 6557136


In the Memorial Collection of Pavle Beljanski in Novi Sad, one of the most important and most visited cultural / tourism attractions of Serbia and Novi Sad, the pronouncing ceremony and the 50th Awarding of Memorial Collection of Pavle Beljanski was held  (November 3, 2017) for the best graduate work in the national art history, defended at the Art History Department of the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Belgrade. The award was awarded to Stefan Žarić for the work Fashion Illustration of Milena Pavlović Barili (1926–1945). As declared by Ms. Jasna Jovanov PhD, CEO of the Memorial Collection of Pavle Beljanski, „This award is unique in Serbia. It was established owing to the special Donation Contract of Pavle Beljanski in 1965, when the collector established the Award, presenting as a gift Vlaho Bukovac’s painting La Grande Izato the Memorial Collection and thereby completed the institutional work of his Legate.
Contributing to the culture and tourism interaction, the Memorial Collection of Pavle Beljanski in Novi Sad, the city designated as the first city outside EU that will have the title of the EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE in 2021, and the Heritage House in Belgrade organized the Exhibition “Petar  Lubarda 1907 – 1974 – 2017”, first in Montenegro, then in the Memorial Collection of Pavle Beljanski and now in Belgrade in the Heritage House (November 9, 2017 –January 10, 2018), where Lubarda’s paintings from the Museum of the City of Belgrade, Museum of Serbian Orthodox Church, Government of the Republic of Serbia, Matica Srpska Gallery and Milan Konjović Gallery from Sombor are exhibited, as well. After this, the Exhibition goes to the Andrić Institute Gallery „Petar Lubarda“ in Andrićgrad.  


The Memorial Collection of
Pavle Beljanski

Novi Sad, Trg galerija 2

+381 21 4729966




On Serbian mountains – Kopaonik, Zlatibor (Tornik) and Stara planina, the winter season 2017/2018 preparations are under progress. The season opening, the popular Ski Opening on Kopaonik is scheduled for December 7 – 10, on Stara planina on December 14 to 17 and on Zlatibor (Tornik) on December 21 – 24, 2017. The PROMOTIONAL WEEKENDS have been also announced and everything is ready for the ski runs artificial snowing.

Supported by the fact that in this summer season on Kopaonik 50% higher turnover was achieved than last year, Mr. Dejan Ćika, CEO of the Public Company Ski Resorts of Serbia, announces “The new ski season is in front of us and we are preparing it diligently. We expect many local and international skiers and thereby also better results. For the first time in this company’s history, this year’s ski pass prices remain at the level of the last year’s ones”. Probably also because of this decision, MK Mountain Resort, having the accommodation facilities at the best locations on Kopaonik, called its this year’s winter campaign When Happiness is Higher than a Mountain. 

And what will this winter bring on Serbian mountains – Kopaonik, Zlatibor (Tornik) and Stara planina, Public Company Ski Resorts of Serbia shows at the International Winter Sport Equipment, Tourism and Recreation Fair EXPOZIM held on December 7 – 10, 2017 at Belgrade Fair Hall 4. The Ski Resorts of Serbia provide 10% discount to the ski pass prices this year at this Fair, as well. 
ISTN provides attached the price list of the Ski Resorts of Serbia for the winter season 2017/2018.


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Organized by the Editorial Board of the Contemporary Hotel Management and Tourism Magazine ‘Tourism World’, under partnership with Singidunum University, 14th HOTEL MANAGERS FORUM was held in Belgrade (November 10, 2017, Hotel Falkensteiner Belgrade). The dominating topic was “LEADERSHIP:  Philosophy, Skill or Talent?!” This was spoken by proved experts in this branch, such as Prof. Dr. Slobodan Unković and Prof. Dr. Slobodan Čerović (Singidunum University), Jelena Šuleić ("A Hotels"), Žarko Radulović (Hotel Group Montenegro Stars), Goran Kovačević (Hotel "Square Nine"), Dr. sci. med. Dejan Stanojević (Special Hospital Merkur, Vrnjačka Spa) and others.

As declared by Ms. Ljiljana Rebronja, CEO and Editor of the Tourism World Magazine, „Also this year, the Forum inspired for action. It does not ask questions, but brings solutions, connects, motivates, discovers innovations in the industry, bravely meets the challenges of the global tourism scene”
The impression of the Internet Serbia Travel News team is many hotel industry employees at the 14th HOTEL MANAGERS FORUM, but also students, the future employees in tourism, listened carefully the motivation speeches answering the questions „Is a leader born or becomes one?”, “Which characteristics differ him from the others?”, „Is a leader hidden in any of us?”, “How to enhance your leader’s skills?”, “What is the success key?” and others. This is very good, since such knowledge gaining certainly contributes to the new staff growing into the future professionals of the tourism industry, so much necessary for Serbia.

The Editorial Board of ‘Tourism World’ organizes also the GALA EVENING of Hotel Managers (December 15, 2017, Hotel Crowne Plaza, Belgrade) with award granting, since this year at the regional level, THE GOOD SERVICE AMBASSADORS.



Tourism World Ltd.

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Slovenian Business Club (SBC) in Belgrade, founded in 2003, with the objective of enhancement of the economic cooperation between  Serbia and Slovenia, celebrated in Skadarlija St. Martin Feast, an old Slovenian feast, when the “new” wine becomes “the real one”. In Slovenia, the St. Martin Feast is celebrated more than other wine feasts and according to the habits, the feast begins on November 11, at 11 hours, 11 minutes and 11 seconds. As declared by Ms. Danijela Fišakov, President of the Slovenian Business Club, “This event , very much tourism oriented, is an opportunity for Slovenia to feature as Green, Active and Healthy destination, in which the tourists may enjoy. We promote annually another part of the country and this year  it is Nova Gorica, the 70 years old city, famous for people, food, wine, roses, the river of Soča. This get together of ours contributes to the point that the Serbs go more to Slovenia and the Slovenians to Serbia and the number of tourists is increased every year. Through this cooperation there are jobs for all of us“. 
Saint Martin's Day was celebrated in Belgrade with many guests. Mr. Matej Arčon, Mayor of Nova Gorica, presenting this travel destination, cheered everyone with the new wine and His Excellency Mr. Vladimir Gasparič, Ambassador of Slovenia to Serbia, highlighted “There is increasingly good cooperation between Slovenia and Serbia and many cooperation opportunities within tourism and the entire economy bring even higher quality of the regional connecting“.
A form part of the Saint Martin's Day, attended by many officials, members and business partners of the Slovenian Business Club, representatives of the Slovenian Tourist Board, but also of travel agencies from Serbia, as well as media, were also an entertainment program, as well as the traditional gastronomic specialties prepared by Saša, the Owner of Žogica Inn from Nova Gorica, such as Kras dry ham, Jurčkova paste, Paštefažol, ham, lean in pastry, fried rape and other delicacies. Special pleasure, beside the just 'Crossed' new wine, were wines from Vipavska Plain and Goriška Hills, such as white Pinot, Zelen, Cabernet Sauvignon and others.



+381 11 2252590



At the recently held 8th CEI REGIONAL  FORUM OF WELLNESS & SPA INDUSTRY it was pointed out at present 5% of all international travels are related to a form of medical tourism. In the structure of the present total turnover of the medical tourism, about 40% goes for dental services 42% for orthopedics, cardiology, cardiological surgery and neurological surgery and 15% for esthetic surgical operations. Medical tourism grows at the rate between 15 and 20% annually and the basic reason is the population getting old and the orientation to the health and beauty.

DIVA LASER CENTER in Belgrade, the dermatological institution with the longest tradition, performing DERMATOLOGICAL ANTIAGING PROCEDURES and LASERS, develops this way, as well. As declared by Ms. Nataša Zmbov, founder of DIVA LASER CENTER, “Combining dermatological and surgical lasers and radio waves, we accomplish outstanding and permanent results. DIVA expert team, dermatologists and plastic surgeons, are involved in diagnostics, skin treatment and rejuvenation, regardless of the problem complexity, as well as any other antiaging procedures. The offer includes also EXTREME LIFT, the cream intended for the mature skin care, which improves its softness, makes it elastic and strengthens the face contours, as well as AQUA LIFT, the moisturizing cream adapted to all skin types”.

In DIVA LASER CENTER, located in 9, Prote Mateje Street in Belgrade, new methods of non-invasive lipolysis are performed, as well as the most efficient cellulite and obesity treatments. Many actions and discounts are under progress, as well. DERMATOLOGICAL LASER CONSULTING IS FREE OF CHARGE.




Kanjiža Spa, one of the Serbian medical tourism leaders, which won two great Golden Medals for THE SERVICE HIGH LEVEL IN MEDICAL TOURISM AND THE AMBIENT UNIT AND QUALITY OF THE ACCOMMODATION FACILITIES at this year’s Tourism Fair in Novi Sad, attended successfully the Health Festival in Belgrade (Army Hall, November 2 – 3, 2017), featuring its outstanding medical /tourism offer, as well as Wellness, Weekend Programs and the programs created for retired persons. The offer includes the programs MY WEEKEND, ULTRA LAST MINUTE, SHOPPING AND SPA WEEKEND and the TEN DAYS PROGRAM: OSTEOPOROSIS, DETOX package and AI CHI program of the body harmonizing. Special attraction, in addition to the renewed swimming pool, is the SALT SAUNA. Complete staying provides its guests with the opportunity to have the excursions “Meeting Kanjiža“, „Shopping Tour to Szeged“ and „Visit to the Consumer Goods Market in Subotica”.

Kanjiža Spa, still having the valid 20% discount for retired persons, entered the market also with the offer of The New Year’s Eve 2018, in the restaurant or at the swimming pool, which was absolute hit among the guests also in the previous years. 

ISTN provides attached current programs of Kanjiža Spa, as well as the New Year’s Eve travel package



The Kanjiža Spa

+ 381 24 875 163



Junaković Spa features to the market the program called ‘Unforgettable New Year’s Eve 2018 in Junaković SpaApatin’. In their invitation, the Junaković Spa Management say “Wait for the New Year 2018 in Junaković Spa! The travel packages take 2, 3 or 4 days, with the New Year’s Eve and the repeated one. The use of geothermal water swimming pool with the temperature of 35°C is included in the accommodation price. There are also many additional features, discounts for children, the possibility of payment in installments and others. For full payments by December 20, 2017 10% discount is approved”.

Despite this in the period from October 1, 2017 to April 30, 2018, in Junaković Spa organize for all persons at the age of 55 and older, special offers  for weekend staying, the staying based upon healthy days and full board, with the possibility of payment in installments. Junaković Spa, where the guests have at their disposal swimming pools with thermal mineral water, diverse Wellness & Spa programs, sauna, practices in the swimming pool, Wellness treatments and various massages, as well as various sport grounds, offered to the market also the program LIVE IN JUNAKOVIĆ SPA, related to the staying based upon 30 and more full boards. The price includes the swimming pools use, medical examinations and 24 hour monitoring and many other facilitations. The 10% additional discount is approved for married couples.

ISTN provides attached the current packages and programs of Junaković Spa, as well as the New Year’s Eve travel package



The Special Rehabilitation Hospital ‘Junaković’
Prigrevačka bb, Apatin
+381 25 772477
+381 25 772311


World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) published the information there were 598 million tourists in the world in the first half of this year, which is the highest growth of tourists number for the global tourism since 2010. The increased arrival of international tourists has been noticed in all world regions. Based upon this, Mr. Taleb Rifai, UNWTO Secretary-General, concludes “The travel growth is very important, international travel creates jobs, economic growth and development opportunities for many communities around the world”, highlighting both the local and international travels contribute to it”.  

Serbia keeps pace more and faster with the global tourism trends, among others due to increasingly serious and comprehensive education within tourism. According to the data of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, in the period January/September 2017, Serbia was visited by 12% more tourists, compared with the same period last year.

For all those wishing to enhance their skills in tourism,DOBA Fakulty organizes online studies enabling full flexibility in this engagement field. As declared by the DOBA Faculty Management “We are the leading performer of the complete online studies, the only 100% online faculty in Serbia and the only Faculty with international accrediting of online studies UNIQUE in the Southeast Europe. We were the first one to start the online studies and at present we have got the highest quality, the most contemporary and the biggest online studies constantly advanced and updated by us. Our accredited online study program within tourism in Serbian language - BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT IN TOURISM is conceived to process contemporary, practical, internationally oriented features. The students are taught during the studies by the expert from the practice, they are followed by excellent online mentors, preparing them for the work in tourism, in order to provide as good results as possible and be most respected”. 

ISTN provides attached the Conditions for the Program Admission  BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT IN TOURISM, as well as the  Information of the Program itself.


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Mob. + 381 65 2287999



According to the statistics of the Statistical Office of Serbia, in the period January/September 2017, 18% more tourists stayed in the Republic of Serbia compared with the same period last year, most of them in Belgrade (51%). And almost each of the tourists certainly took a souvenir as a memory. The importance that the souvenir is original, authentic, unique, to get the tourists to know the values of Serbia as much as possible is shown also by the fact that in the Serbian Tourism Development Strategy there are guidelines pointing out the “Souvenirs should represent at the same time the traditional and modern Serbia”.
In this respect, the Tourism Offer of Belgrade is completed by the items offered in the DOMINO Studio, located in the center of the tourism part of the city, in the pedestrian zone in Kralja Petra Street. As declared by Ms.Dragana Stojanović, the owner of DOMINO Studio, “DOMINO Studio enhanced the tourism offer of the city by great selection of art designed souvenirs intended for the tourists wishing to take such a memory from Belgrade. In the gallery space, beside furniture and home items of the local and international designers, we also exhibit many gifts, drawings, paintings of famous authors and art manufactured souvenirs. We organize artists’ exhibitions, and within the shop are a café and a garden, a break point for refreshment in the center of the old Belgrade, with the sounds of jazz and Bossa, the taste of homemade sweets, 100% Arabica, fresh squeezed juices, tea and the local sort wines”. 



Beograd, Kralja Petra 10

+381 11 2620313


The 12th International Fairs of Tastes GASTEXPO 2018 is held on January 31 to February 3, 2018, in Ljubljana. As declared by the organizer, „The Fairs of TASTES became in nine years one of the best fairs, oriented to the market of Slovenia and the neighboring countries. By its features, it covers Gastronomy, Drinks, Coffee, Pastry and Bakery. At the same time, there are also the Ice Cream and the WINE Fair, as well as Tourism Fair ALPE ADRIA”.
In addition to the latest catering trends, the workshops for manufacturing of drinks, ice cream and biscuits will be organized at the fair, as well and there will be also a competition in the manufacturing of ice cream and pizza, to which competitors from Serbia have been especially invited.



Primorski sejem d.o.o.

+ 386 5 6260216




Adria Hotel Forum, the meeting point of many hotel chains, hotel managers, Local Self-Governments, public authorities and experts within investments into the hotel industry, in order to exchange experiences and projects, will be held for the sixth time in Zagreb, on February 14 and 15, 2018 (Sheraton Hotel). The main topic of this Forum is „Our Own Responsibility”. As declared by the Forum organizer, The geopolitical and security situation in all European countries greatly affects the tourism results.

In the last two years, the international investors and big hotel companies’ presence in the region is increasing. Croatia made the growth above the average, of 22%, in the first six months, but Serbia, Slovenia, Albania and Bosnia do not lag behind. In this respect, we ask questions “Are we deserved for the growth or it happens by itself?” and “Are we competitive?”. In accordance with the basic topic, so far preliminary topics will be developed, such as “Hospitality outlook of the region in 5 years time” or “What will happen when Turkey and Africa come back”„ Investors’ view”, „New management model pricing – Management, franchise, lease – can we have deals as in Western Europe”, „Hospitality companies in stock exchange market”, „Comparison in hotel development: Belgrade – Zagreb – Ljubljana – Sarajevo”, „Investment in Loyalty” and others.

Adria Hotel Forum is followed by the International Student Competition ASIC this year, as well.