Upon invitation of the National Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism of Macedonia, tourism journalists from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro visited this country full of cultural / historical heritage, natural rarities, imaginable gastronomy and above all, kind people. With 230 sunny days, this ancient country of incredible beauty, impressive opportunities for holiday, enjoyment and adventure, the country having 38 mountains, 3 National Parks, 43 natural and artificial lakes, 346 caves, among them some are the deepest underwater caves in Europe, 1,600 picturesque villages and rural areas, the country of wine regions and gastronomy surprises by an unexpected and quite different perspective of the unity of diversity.                                                                                                                           
Tourism in Macedonia is not the primary economic branch, but the tourism journalists of the Balkans and among them also the Internet Serbia Travel News Team, were fully aware of intensive work in this country on its development. Thus, through discussion, Mr.  Ljupčo Janevski, CEO of the Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism of Macedonia, who was an outstanding host for us, saying “Macedonia should be visited because it is beautiful, and food and hospitality are like that, as well. In 2017, we had a million tourists and we expect more of them this year, mostly from Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, the Netherlands, Germany and we also opened the markets of Romania, Czech Republic, Poland and China. Macedonia is a point and the Balkans is a destination. Thus, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro should join and offer by mutual efforts, without any competition to each other, history, culture, the sea, adventure, National Parks, photo safari, medical and religious tourism, food and wine tours“. Mr. Janevski also announces the title of the promotional tourism campaign for this and the next year, which is MACEDONIA YOUR NEXT DESTINATION, because “If Macedonia already was the UNCOVERED TOURISM WEALTH, now, after the discovery, it is time for it to become the next destination“. After the visit to Macedonia, we fully agree with this slogan, as well.


ISTN provides the report from the travel in Macedonia in the chapter TRAVEL REPORTS


National Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism of Macedonia

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Under the title PANNONIAN SUMMER ADVENTURE, Tourism Organization of Vojvodina (TOV) organized (June 29 – July 1, 2018) a promotional travel for tourism journalists, wishing at the beginning of the bathing season, not only to feature some of the most beautiful bathing beaches of this part of Serbia and the diverse tourism offer of the Municipalities Stara Pazova, Sremski Karlovci, Sombor and Novi  Bečej, but also to suggest the individuals, but also organized groups and travel agencies, how to create weekend tours all over Vojvodina.  
The journalists met the nature beauties of Belegiš Islands, the sandbanks near Sremski Karlovci,The Village at Seven Danubes – Bački Monoštor, Bezdan, bathing beach on the Tisa in Novi Bečej, authentic attractions, such as the complex „Dream Danube Home“, Equestrian Club Mirela, Milanović Winery, Macura Museum of Avant Garde Arts, the Museums Batina Battles and Perfume Bottles, the silk damasti weaving factory Novitet Dunav (The Innovation Danube), gastronomic specialties in the nearby csardas, the local culture, way of living and habits. Thus, Ms.Nataša Pavlović, TOV CEO, highlights „Tourism Organization of Vojvodina offers everyone approaching it advices, suggestions and contacts. The aim is not that the Pannonian Adventure ends only with the adventure, but this whole area to be liked and visited further”.
ISTN provides complete review of the travels within the tour PANNONIAN SUMMER ADVENTURE, the brochure Bathing Beaches of Vojvodina, the list of csardas and the event calendar of Vojvodina in the chapter DESTINATIONS


The Tourism Organization of Vojvodina

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According to the statistics, in the first four months of 2018, the number of tourists was higher for 9.7% compared with the same period last year (the local ones 8.6% and the international ones for 11.1%). The increased number of the tourists is the consequence, among others, of many promotional activities of the National Tourism Organization of Serbia (NTOS) at the global media, such as CNN, Travel Channel or TV 5 Monde, organizing of many workshops and presentations, attendance at the largest tourism shows, execution of the travels for the international and local journalists, communications by media and promotional events in the Region. All this together contributed to the fact that CNN declared Serbia the second destination in the world that should be visited in 2018. Promotions were organized in Paris (May 24, 2018), Podgorica (June 5, 2018) and Moscow (June 21, 2018). At the local ground - in Belgrade (June 2, 2018, Avala) and Vrnjačka Spa (June 8, 2018) the campaign was announced under the title SEE SERBIA – WHICH MOMENTS WILL YOU REMEMBER THIS SUMMER. With the slogan „Adventure Called Serbia – Let’s Go!“, Serbia was visited by journalists from Germany (June 6 – 10, 2018) and under the motto Discover the Diversity of Serbia the journalists from  Austria arrived, as well (May 28 – June 2, 2018). At the global network TV5 Monde – Program for Europe, a travel report about Serbia is broadcasted as premiere within the series Embarquement. The journalists from this channel visited Topola - Oplenac, Novi Sad and Belgrade, especially Belgrade Fortress, showing the cultural – historical heritage, architecture, gastronomy and wine tours of travel destinations.
With a review of the completed activities, as well as the increase of the number of tourists, Ms. Marija Labović, NTOS CEO, says „Such activities result in the motivation to travel, which is very important, but after this it is important also the satisfied tourist will recommend the travel and thus promote himself the country he visited and had the positive experience. We are the unsurpassable hosts and hospitality is what recommends us. And this contributes greatly to the positive impressions from the travel all over Serbia“. 

National tourism organization of Serbia

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The interesting Tourism – Gastronomic Event Festival SERBIKA was held for the first time in Belgrade ((June 23 -24, 2018, the Sava Promenade), created to feature the gastronomic and tourism offer of Serbia to Belgrade inhabitants, the local and international tourists, in an interesting and educational way. In this respect, special scenery was created providing the picture of Serbia by gastronomic specific characteristics of its regions, divided into three special units called SERBIA THROUGH CENTURIES (the time machine of the Culinary Association of Serbia and Serbian Chef Association), UNFORGETTABLE TASTES OF SERBIA (the manufacturers of the traditional specialties and delicacies, restaurants, wine tours, Kraft breweries, the Danube fishermen with fish specialties, grilled meat points of the Southern Serbia) and VOJVODINA DAYS.   
The concept of Mr. Branko Nešić , the Owner of Redesign company, the organizer of this event, already successful at the cult Night Market, was proved also this time as a winning combination, which finds grateful audience immediately, like the similar ones worldwide. However, for the first time it certainly would not be so diverse if the Tourism Organization of Vojvodina (TOV) did not include as the Regional Strategic Partner, having organized as a form part the Vojvodina Days, which attract great interest, as anywhere in the Region. The event itself began by the conference for the media and travel agencies’ representatives (June 21, 2018, the Large Skadarlija restaurant), when Ms. Nataša Pavlović, CEO of the Tourism Organization of Vojvodina, featured also the summer tourism offer of Vojvodina, pointing out „In Vojvodina the tourist arrivals number was increased for 11.4%, compared with the same period last year, among them 10.1% the local and 12.8% the international ones. In the total tourism turnover Novi Sad and Subotica have got the share of 50.5%”. 
In addition to the plentiful grastronomic offer, the event Festival SERBIKA and within it also the Vojvodina Days, was followed also by the concerts of various music types.


Festival SEBIKA

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The Tourism Organization of Vojvodina

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TGI Group International d.o.o. Superbrands Serbia

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Superbrands Awards 2017/2018 were awarded in Belgrade, organized byTGI Group International (June 19, 2018, Metropol Palace Hotel), aimed at recognizing and awarding of the top brands of products and services, companies and organizations, as well as highlighting of the advantages provided by the ‘Brand’. This year, the competition included about 1,600 best known and in 35 categories the Superbrands status was won by 236 companies. As declared by Mr. Symeon Tsomokos, President of TGI Group International, “Superbrands is the institution, which honors creativity, efforts and hard work of the professionals in marketing and communications – the persons being rarely in the center of attention and deserve recognitions for their ideas, creativity and hard work”.

Let us remind, the Superbrands were established in 1994, in the United Kingdom, as the global platform for the brands promotion. It is organized in 88 countries all over the world. Winning the status Superbrands Srbija 2017/2018, companies and this award winners from Serbia join the global Superbrands family. At the festivity, attended by many company representatives, the project participants, guests and media, Kontiki Travel and Grand Hotel&Spa Kopaonik (MK Mountain Resort) won the awards within tourism. Many cultural institutions, catering facilities, wineries, events, as well as the inevitable tourism attraction of Belgrade – the ZOO also won the Award.



ISTN provides attached the list of the award winners of SUPERBRANDS SRBIJA 2017/2018.






The summer season on Serbian mountains is very much in progress. For Ski Resorts of Serbia it started working - on Kopaonik by the opening of the works beginning on the construction of the first public garage (312 places) with a helidrome. This project, mutually executed by the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Defense and Public Company Ski Resorts of Serbia, should be finished by the beginning of the winter season 2018/2019. The tourists on Kopaonik have got at their disposal this summer mountain biking, paragliding, safari tours, off road quad driving, panoramic drive by chairlift, archery, trekking tours, riding school and the Amusement Park activities - bob on rails, zip line and tubing. Mr.Dejan Ćika, CEO of the Public Company Ski Resorts of Serbia, who opened the works on Kopaonik together with Mr.Rasim Ljajić, Minister of Tourism of Serbia, announces the summer skiing track will be launched by the end of July on this mountain (at the Krst (Cross) location).

All amusing features on Kopaonik remain at the tourist disposal from Monday to Thursday, from 9.00 a. m. to 3.00 p. m. and from Friday to Sunday, from 10.00 a. m. to 5.00 p. m. On Tornik (Zlatibor) the features are open daily from 11.00 a. m. to 5.30 p. m.

Ski Resorts of Serbia organize during summer also PROMOTIONAL PACKAGES – SUMMER 2018. During them, there is the discount for children for all features:
Bike – Mountain Cart Weekend (July 6–8), 15% discount to the daily passes price
Adrenaline Weekend (July 20–22), 15% discount to the individual passes price for zip line, bob on rails, tubing
Adventure Weekend (August 3–5), 15% discount to the daily passes price
Mountain for All (August 24–26), 15% discount to the individual and daily passes price for all features




Public Company Ski Resorts of Serbia

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According to the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer, the international tourism turnover grew by 7% in 2017 and this momentum is expected to continue by the end of 2018 at a rate of 4% - 5%.  Serbia keeps pace increasingly and faster with the global tourism trends, which is proved, beside the tourism offer growth, also by growth of the interested parties in including into the tourism industry, shown through the number of the enrolled students to the Faculty for Tourism and Hospitality Management of Singidunum University. And the students’ results are better continuously. So, at the Fifth International Gastro Cup in Niš (June 15 -17, 2018) the students of the Faculty for Tourism and Hospitality Management of Singidunum University, selected option Food Economics, achieved great success winning 12 medals (7 golden, 4 silver and one bronze medal, as well as the Grand Prix for the best University) at the competition of 350 participants from 24 countries. Giving its contribution to the tourism offer advancement, Singidunum University, along with its partners – Belgrade City Assembly, Tourism Organization of Belgrade, Belgrade Chamber of Commerce and Business Associations HORES and YUTA, under the title SINGIDUNUM THE WINNER, for the third consecutive year, organizes the Project Quality Estimation of the Tourism Offer of the City of Belgrade, which understands quality estimation of Belgrade hotels with 3, 4 and 5 stars, categorized restaurant facilities, as well as the incoming travel agencies. The quality estimation will be carried out by the students of final study years of Singidunum University, based upon in advance prepared criteria and under mentorship of their Professors. The Singidunum University Management invites Belgrade hotels, restaurants and travel agencies to support this project by their participation, to send their proposals until September 1, 2018 and thus contribute to the total quality rising of Belgrade tourism offer. 


+ 381 11 3093229




The Cluster of Culture Routes, including in its network more than 40 culture institutions, Tourism Organizations and travel agencies, businessmen and Faculties, celebrates  also this year by one month event TESLA DAYS 2018 both the birthday of the great Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla and 5 years of this event existence. During the whole July this year, Tesla’s Birthday (July 10, 1856) is celebrated all over Serbia by many interesting exhibitions, experiments, lectures, unusual tours and visits, as well as various other events inspired by Nikola Tesla and his life. Just on this date, he carried out in his laboratory the experiment with high voltage transformer of 12 million volts. At the same time, 160 years since birth of Đorđe Stanojević, the scientist, for whom it is told he lighted Serbia, is celebrated, as well. 

The TESLA DAYS event is a part of the tour The Paths of Tesla through Serbia,  including Nikola Tesla Museum itself, Belgrade, from the point of view of Nikola Tesla (everything Tesla saw and visited when he visited Belgrade, in June 2, 1892), Negotin as the hometown of  Đorđe Stanojević, ten small old hydropower plants in Serbia, created mostly owing to the friendship and cooperation between Tesla and Stanojevic, the Museum of Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj in Sremska Kamenica, Tesla's favorite poet, Šišatovac Monastery, where Tesla grew to love pigeons, as well as the Heritage Complex of Mihajlo Pupin in Idvor.
The event TESLA DAYS 2018 program, lasting during the whole month of July, is on the Website Tesla Ways ( )



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Under the slogan “Have Your Summer Holiday is a Slightly Different, Unusual Way”, Special Hospital Kanjiža, famous for outstanding rehabilitation, during the year is the host to individual and organized tourists, various event participants, teambuilding sport teams, all those who, beside the rest and recreation, want to check their health condition. This spa, having the curing mud and thermal mineral water with the temperature of  51 to 72°C, offers, in addition to the medical complex, consisting of the hotels Abela and Aquamarin, also the accommodation in the Aquapanon Hotel (4*),  and in order to make the staying as attractive as possible, the guests are suggested to spend a part of their time outdoors, either cruising on the Tisa river or at the organized lunch near it.
Special Hospital Kanjiža, which promotes its current programs and packages, as well as convenient programs for the treatment of retired persons, with the possibility of payment in installments and the 10 – 40% discount, organizes under cooperation with DMO Kanjiža also the guest excursions „Meeting Kanjiža“, „Shopping Tour to Szeged“ and „Visit to the Consumer Goods Market in Subotica“.

ISTN provides attached current programs of Kanjiža Spa.



The Kanjiža Spa

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Serbian medical tourism has been completed by DIVA LASER CENTER, a dermatological institution performing DERMATOLOGICAL ANTIAGING PROCEDURES and LASERS and executing many programs under the slogan Wait for Summer Ready, with the discounts reaching even 50% in this summer period. Ms.Nataša Zmbov, founder of DIVA LASER CENTER, highlights “Following the global trends, we introduced HEALTHY AGING MEDICINE as a completely new approach in treatment. This is a new philosophy, by which the regular physical activity, healthy balanced nutrition, with the positive attitude to oneself and the people around and the implmentation of the proper laser and other procedures, is the golden standard in the therapy against skin aging. This contemporary medical approach provides the best results and ensures the therapy success. Thus, we decided to provide this summer up to 30% discount to the Healthy Aging Procedure. Also the creams from N1 „Stay Perfect“ collection - EXTREME LIFT (the cream with hialuron and beta glucan, with the extract of aloe, strengthens the ripe skin, providing protection from UV rays) and AQUA LIFT (intended for all skin types, provides active care to all skin types and hydration during summer days and anti-aging is a treatment) are cheaper for 50%“.
In the DIVA LASER CENTER, located in Belgrade, in 9, Prote Mateje Street, to which patients from the whole Region arrive, the consultING WITH DERMATOLOGISTS ARE FREE OF CHARGE.

Beograd, Prote Mateje 9

+381 11 2444676




The medicine and tourism combination is the increasingly demanded tourism type. The statistics show almost 5% of all international travels are related to the Medical Tourism and the value of this type of tourism market exceeds 100 billion US Dollars. At the summer season beginning and celebration of the achieved results from the previous period, from the first private General Hospital in Serbia BelMedic, providing various medical services – examinations, state of the art diagnostics, surgical treatment (operations), inpatient treatment and postoperative hospitalization in luxurious apartments, home visits, ambulance transport of patients and other services, spread over five locations in Belgrade, connected by the unique Call Center and the integral computer network, they remind of their Medical Tourism offer, intended for both local and international clients and the travel agencies, which should recognize their interest. Since the research shows the destination selection is impacted, beside the price, also by the medical services standard, the skill and equipment of the hospitals, but also the location attraction regarding tourism, Ms. Jasmina Knežević, Founder and CEO of the General Hospital BelMedic, highlights „Medical Tourism is a travel to other countries with the aim to obtain medical care, dental medical or surgical intervention. The title is created as an easily acceptable one for  quite new and growing industry, which enables people to solve their medical problems, while they are at the same time travelling for holiday and enjoying beauties of the country, in which their medical service has been provided. Our plans are to let BelMedic with its service quality try, under cooperation with the Ministries of Tourism and Health and all travel agencies, to make Serbia a desirable and high quality place for medical tourism development“.




+ 381 11 3091000



Under the motto SPA CE with Many Ideas for a Relaxed and Healthy Living”, this year’s 10th edition of SPA-CE Trade Show of Sp? and Wellness Tourism in Central Europe, is held on October 21 to 24, 2018, in Portorož, Slovenia.

The organizers expect the arrival of more than 30 exhibitors and so many buyers from more than 20 worldwide countries. The SPA-CE Trade Show Organizers point out „SPA-CE Trade Show has existed since 2009 and this year’s host is Lifeclass Hotels & Spa Portorož. Although most of Slovenian spas are in the Eastern part of the country, Portorož is famous as a spa center from the 13th century. Lifeclass Hotels & Spa, with more than 110 years of tradition, use the unique five natural curing factors: salt mud – Fango, salinity - Aqua Madre, coast climate, sea and thermal mineral water”. 

Beside the exhibiting section, SPA CE Trade Show is followed by B2B meetings, as well as various lectures and presentations.