World Tourism Day (September 27) is devoted this year to the importance of digital technologies in tourism, providing opportunities for innovation and preparing the sector for the future of work, as well as to raising awareness on tourism's actual and potential contribution to sustainable development.

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) sees digital advances and innovation as part of the solution to the challenge to the tourism sector as the opportunities provided to tourism by technological advances including big data, artificial intelligence and digital platforms, on the map of sustainable tourism.


The central celebration of the World Tourism Day will be held on September 27, 2018 in Budapest, Hungary, considered a country enjoying steady growth of tourism backed by consistent policy support and a commitment to the digital future.

The celebration is followed by the announcement of the semi-finalists of the 1st UNWTO Tourism Startup Competition, launched by UNWTO and Globalia, the leading tourism network of Spain and Latin America, with the goal to give visibility to startups with innovative ideas capable of new companies, leading to tourism sector transformation in 164 worldwide countries.



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In the year of great interest for holiday in Serbia, when important Anniversaries are celebrated, such as 150 Years of Organized Tourism in Vrnjačka Spa and 125 Years on Zlatibor, very much ahead of the scheduled deadline, Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications awarded all planned 100,000 vouchers for subvention holiday use in Serbia. Thereby, all budget funds planned for this action in 2018 have been used.
The most demanded destinations for the voucher use are Sokobanja, Zlatibor, Vrnjačka Spa, Prolom and Ribarska Spa. Recently published data of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia show there were 14% more tourists in Serbia in the first half of the year, compared with the same period last year and 13% more nights were accomplished, as well. While the local guests visited mostly the mountain and spa resorts, the international ones stayed first of all in Belgrade, then in Novi Sad and other destinations. The most nights were spent by the tourists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Romunia, Turkey, Croatia, Bulgaria and other countries.

Such growth of the number of tourists is also the consequence of various promotional actions of the National Tourism Organization of Serbia (NTOS), which hosted recently within its activities also the journalists from Belgium and India, as well as Mummy Bloggers from Slovenia, but also Tourism Organizations of cities and municipalities all over Serbia, accommodation facilities, agencies, deserved individuals and organizations, and all others in the tourism demand and supply chain. Thus, the National Tourism Organization of Serbia will grant its highest award - TOURIST FLOWER to the best ones among them, this time on a different date, at the end of the year, symbolically thereby completing this successful tourism year 2018.  



National tourism organization
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According to the just published data of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) from August this year, the international tourist arrivals grew 7% in 2017, the highest increase since 2010. The salary growth generated a strong increase of tourism revenues, reaching 1.6 trillion US Dollars in 2017, making tourism the third-largest export sector in the world. UNWTO Highlights show that the international tourist arrivals reached 1,323 trillion in 2017, about 84 million more than in the previous year, which set the new record. The 2017 growth was the highest one since 2010, led by European and African regions, which received increases in arrivals of 8% and 9%, respectively.  In addition to the 1.3 trillion in US Dollars in receipts that destinations earned, international tourism generated another 240 billion US Dollars from international passenger transport. This raised total tourism exports to 1.6 trillion US Dollars, or 4 billion US Dollars a day, which corresponds to 7% of the world's exports.


Such results were generated by many travels all over the world, including the recovery of the destinations that have suffered from security challenges in recent years. The new reports illustrate that China continues to lead global outbound travel, having spent 258 billion US Dollars. This is almost one fifth of the world's total tourism spending in the world. France is still the first most visited world's destination and Spain is the second one. After six straight years of double-digit growth, Japan entered the top ten in tourism earnings (the tenth place), while the Russian Federation reentered the top ten at the eighth place. UNWTO reports the available data for early 2018 have since confirmed the international tourism’s strong growth with the 6% growth from January to April.



The World Tourism Organization


Recent presentation (August 21 – 22, 2018) of the Tourism Organization of Vojvodina (TOV) at the Hírős7 Festival in Kecskemet (Hungary), which gathered many participants from Hungary and abroad, showed the primary interest of the visitors in visiting Novi Sad and Subotica, the cities having the 50.5% section in the total tourist arrivals of Vojvodina. There was considerable interest also in Vojvodina’s farms, hunting and wine tourism and especially events. According to some data changing from year to year, there are about 1,700 events held in Serbia annually, while according to the unofficial data, this number exceeds 3,000. Once there were researches showing 56.9% of this number happen in Vojvodina. Miroslav Knežević, State Secretary of Tourism, highlights „Festivals are one of the key factors for destination selection during travels“.

Since this year’s double-digit increased visit to Serbia and Vojvodina shows this is just so, the tourism offer of Vojvodina will be featured at Izmir International Fair (September 7 -11, 2018), where Serbia is The Partner Country this year, at Vojvodina Days in Vienna, and preparations are underway for the Autumn Promo Tour All Over Vojvodina, after the Summer one. Before all of this, Nataša Pavlović, TOV CEO, says  „Our goal is to show that Vojvodina as destination can offer something for everyone, first of all the urban city environments, such as Novi Sad, Subotica or Sremski Karlovci. Vršac as a wine town is on the Wine Maps of the World. Then, there are inns, farms, a plentiful gastronomic offer. Fruška Gora, with 17 Orthodox Monasteries with a rich treasury, is ideal for the fans of trekking, biking and all other forms of active holiday. South Banat has got Deliblato Sands, the only sands in Europe. And there are many events throughout the year, as well”. 



The Tourism Organization of Vojvodina

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Organized by the Ski Resorts of Serbia, the summer season on Serbian mountains – Kopaonik, Zlatibor and Stara Planina is full of features, particularly on Kopaonik, where the tourists have got at their disposal mountain biking, paragliding, safari tours, on and off road quad driving, panoramic chairlift drive, archery, trekking tours, riding school and the Amusement Park activities - bobsleigh on the rails, zip line and tubing. For the first time, the exhibiting race Triathlon – 3S (August 11, 2018) was organized, as well and the first artificial ski run, about 900 meters long, was launched (August 25, 2018). “The ski resort guests who cannot wait for the first snow, have got the opportunity from now on to ski on the run also in summer months, like in the middle of the winter season. This plastic floor provides the opportunity of the real and safe skiing throughout the year“, says Dejan Ćika, CEO of the Ski Resorts of Serbia.
In addition to the activities directly oriented to the tourists, the Ski Resorts of Serbia is the host of the Mountain Resort Summit Central Europe MoReSCE 2018, as well, organized for the second time and gathering all important decision makers related to the tourism offer building and improving all over Europe.

At the Summit,  held on September 10 – 12 this year on Zlatibor, the attendees from Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia will discuss about the topics related to the promotion of Central Europe mountain resorts, their planning and design, EU Projects for the development of the mountain resorts, financial challenges, etc.

ISTN provides attached current program of the Summit


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Niš, once entering the list of 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit this Summer on Balkan Peninsula, selected by the US Website and described by Lonely Planet tourist guide as a destination that should be certainly visited, which “captivates with laid-back charm, tons of history, great food and music that will make you dance”, according to the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia data, has got high growth of tourist arrivals. In the first half of this year, the number of tourists has been increased for 19%, compared with the same period last year, where the number of the local ones was increased for 14% and the number of the international ones for 25%. The number of nights grew even for 30% (27% the local tourists and 35% the international ones).
Since the data show Niš with the surrounding area became an inevitable tourist destination with the events such as Nissville International Jazz Festival, Wine, Gastronomy and Wine Tourism Fair, Niš Film Festival of Actors’ Achievements, The Burek Day and others,   Uroš Parlić, CEO of the Tourism Organization of Niš, says “The growing trend that began a few years ago is intensively continuing now. This shows the investments into the promotions at international fairs, marketing, advertising and the tourism infrastructure improvement brought a good result.

Niš became the third largest destination in Serbia, after Belgrade and Novi Sad, popular for ‘City Tourism’ and the most popular locations for the tourists are the Fortress, Red Cross Concentration Camp from the Second World War and Tinkers’ Alley, the meeting point of young people from the whole world”.
The City of Niš is also the host of outstanding well visited fair event – International Fair of Tourism and Outdoor Holiday Niš  (March 29 -31, 2018) and it will show its tourism offer also at the forthcoming Novi Sad Tourism Fair (October 4 -7, 2018).

Tourism Organization of Niš

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Special Hospital Kanjiža completes the summer tourism season with almost all facilities full. As declared by Elena Veselinov, PR of  Kanjiža Spa, “This summer was really full of activities. Our programs under the slogan Have Your Summer Holiday in a Slightly Different, Unusual Way were very popular, we organized for the guests also cruising on the Tisa river or lunch on the Tisa bank, as well as professional lectures of our specialist medical doctors. During this summer we particularly focused the accessible tourism, adapted for disabled persons. We were visited by dystrophic children from South Banat Region within the camp Head Up, disabled students, whose staying was financed by the Provincial Government, as well as disabled table tennis players within the team building“. In Kanjiža Spa, September is highlighted by discounts. Special offer – An Inpatient Day with the Discount Related to the Number of Days may be used by all guests staying in the Spa 15 to 21 days and an additional discount is related to those staying for more than 21 days. In Kanjiža Spa, September is highlighted by events and the most attractive ones are The Big International Folklore Festival, Grape Picking Days on the Palić and in Horgoš, „The City Day” in Senta and Subotica, International Balloon Meeting in Senta, The Wine Marathon in Subotica and many others.

ISTN provides attached current programs of Kanjiža Spa.

The Kanjiža Spa

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Cluster of Health, Wellness and Spa Tourism Serbia, the expert organization with the aim of the competitiveness growth and the enhancement of the health, wellness and SPA tourism of Serbia, became a new member of European Spas Association (ESPA). Supporting the contribution to the exchange and transfer of knowledge and experiences based upon the the best practice examples and supported by Central European Initiative (CEI), organizes this year the 9th CEI REGIONAL FORUM OF WELLNESS & SPA INDUSTRYwith the main topic„How to Create an Authenthic Spa Offer Based upon Cultural and Historical Heritage in the Region, with the Focus on the Roman and Ottoman Spa Culture“.

Within the Forum, panel discussions have been created „Tourism Product Based upon the Roman Spa Tradition“, „Good Practice Examples“, „Tourism Product Based upon the Ottoman Spa Tradition“, as well as the Workshop with the topic „Spa Management“. 
After the 8th CEI REGIONAL FORUM OF WELLNESS & SPA INDUSTRY was held in Viminatium, this year’s 9th CEI REGIONAL FORUM OF WELLNESS & SPA INDUSTRY, gathering experts and professionals from the health, wellness and SPA tourism from Serbia and the region, will be held on October 17, 2018, in Vrnjačka Spa, which also became a member of Roman Thermal Spas of Europe Association (on April 23, 2018), upon suggestion of Nataša Ranitović, President of the Cluster of Health, Wellness and Spa Tourism Serbia.



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The traditional event of Belgrade – BOAT SHOW, with the objective of promoting the rivers Sava and Danube and their confluence, making the recognizable image of Belgrade along with the Great War Island, was held for the fourteenth time (August 25, 2018) in front of the Sava Promenade, between the Branko's Bridge and Gazelle. At this year’s BOAT SHOW, not as attractive as in some earlier years, by which Belgrade has the symbolic farewell to the summer, the participants were the boats and ships from Belgrade marines.

As declared by Miodrag Popović, CEO of the Tourism Organization of Belgrade, “Boat Show is one of the most exciting events, which attracts not only local visitors, but also international tourists. It is a unique event with family character, which affirms the recreation/sport activities, activates the nautical tourism of the city and contributes to Belgrade return to its rivers, from which it started”. The BOAT SHOW, organized by the Tourism Organization of Belgrade, under support of the Belgrade City Assembly, many city departments and event friends, was followed by concerts, exhibitions, dance groups and the traditional fireworks.

ISTN provides the report from the BOAT SHOW in the chapter BELGRADE


Tourism Organization of Belgrade

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At Novi Sad Fair preparations are underway for the first autumn events – 51st International Fairs LORIST held on October 3 to 7 this year. The events in this period are devoted to hunting and fishing (October 3 – 7, 2018), tourism, environment and sport (October 4 – 7, 2018). The TOURISM FAIR basis (Master Hall) is the Danube Region, characteristic for diversity of the historical heritage, cultures, religions and markets. This Fair, which had conception problems until last year and then made a step forward, has been redefined as regarding the features into the Incoming Tourism Fair, with a tourist in the center, for whom the offer is created based upon the contemporary motives, expectations and experiences. In this respect, this year’s Fair will be highlighted also by the International B2B Meetings and other professional meetings and conferences gathering tourism and economy experts. Especially pointed out is the Hosted Buyer Program, executed with the German Evintra agency. The announced business visitors arrive from Germany, Russia, Turkey, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, United Kingdom, Denmark, Spain and all former Yugoslav republics.

The Tourism Fair organizers announce “International Tour Operators will meet the exhibitors at business meetings on October 4 and 5. In this period, also the Broke Event -„Tourism2018B2B@BNSFair” is organized and the applying is online on the platform. This event is organized under cooperation with the European Entrepreneurship Network. The CAREER DAYS, prepared along with the National Employment Agency, are also this year a unique job exchange in all tourism sections”.



Our last year’s impression from the Tourism Fair in Novi Sad was this event took the right direction. If it will also keep pace this year,
we shall see on October 4 – 7.


Novi Sad Fair

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SITCON 2018 (Singidunum International Tourism Conference) will be held at Singidunum University in Belgrade with the main topic Culture, Heritage and Tourism Development. As declared by Singidunum Management, “The principal aim of the conference is to provide a significant scientific contribution in the field of cultural tourism as an important and sustainable product of a tourist destination.

The key idea of the conference is to draw attention to the basis for further expanding of the knowledge, which is necessary for better understanding of the concept of culture, cultural values, cultural diversity and their sustainability in tourism”. 

The SITCON 2018 Conference, which provides platform to the scientists and experts from various fields (travel agencies, tour operators, hotel enterprises and other segments of accommodation offer, transportation companies and companies related to other complementary activities, as well as representatives of tourism organizations and the public sector) to expand their knowledge, will be held on October 12, 2018 in the premises of SINGIDUNUM University in Belgrade.




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Events, the tourism brand of Serbia, attract both local and global tourists. They gather annually about 2 million tourists and earn about 30 million Euros.
But, the lack of agreement and date coordination among the event organizers is shown by the fact that many attractive events overlapped this year, which is certainly neither good for the organizers, nor for the visitors. It was like this in August and it is so also in September. Will the event organizers sit to agree for the year 2019?!

For the forthcoming days Internet Serbia Travel News suggests you to visit the following ones: 
On September 12 to 15, in Irig, Powder Days are organized, devoted to the powder – the keeper of a vineyard, wine and grapes, with the parade of pumpkin lamps, a ball under masks, as well as the competition in the powder (chicken) stew ( )
On September 13 to 16, in Vršac, there are Grape Picking Days, the traditional celebration of the grape picking completion, with a carnival, grape throwing from an airplane, Wine Street, ball under masks, sport competitions and concerts ( )
On September 14 to 16, in Smederevo, there is one of the oldest economic / tourism events – Smederevo Autumn, characteristic for exhibitions of the agricultural products and Village Yards, many programs and sport competitions ( )
On September 22, there is Wine Marathon on the Palić, including Wine Race and Joy Race through the vineyards of the Palić wineries and each race participant may come to the start point in his own original costume ( )
On September 20 to 23, in Aleksandrovac, the ŽUPA GRAPE PICKING is organized, lasting already for half a century, gathering wine manufacturers and vineyard owners, celebrating the beginning of the grap picking. The visitors enjoy the Wine Fountain and the Wine Street ( )
On September 20 to 23, in Kikinda, there are the PUMPKIN DAYS, a grower’s competition for the heaviest and longest pumpkin, with a plentiful cultural/entertaining program ( )