On the occasion of the World Tourism Day (September 27), devoted this year to the importance of digital technologies in tourism, providing opportunities for innovation and preparing the sector for the future of work, as well as to raising awareness on tourism's actual and potential contribution to sustainable development, National Tourism Organization of Serbia announced the competition for its greatest award – TOURIST FLOWER for the most important accomplishments in the tourism service quality rising, in the categories: Tourism Organization, Tourism Event, Incoming Travel Agency, Accommodation Catering Facility, Organization or Individual for the Contribution to Tourism Enhancement and Tourism Service Quality Rising and Special Award Out of Competition. The awards will be granted to the best ones in Serbian tourism at a special festivity in the second half of December this year.

A contribution to the central celebration of the World Tourism Day,  held in Budapest, Hungary, considered a country enjoying steady growth of tourism backed by consistent policy support and a commitment to the digital future, National Tourism Organization of Serbia provides organizing the exhibition (September 27, 2018, Knez Mihailova Street in Belgrade) Active Holiday in Serbia, which induces to the nature, local cultures and habits protection, to getting to know the diverse gastronomic offer.  


National tourism organization
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The second MountainResortsSummitCentralEurope - MoReSCE 2018, (September 10 – 12, 2018, Zlatibor) was held n Serbia, mutually organized by Public Company Ski Resorts of Serbia and Center for Tourism Research and Studies, with the objective to define the platform for mountain resort sustainable development through the sustainable development and planning, investments, inducements and public/private partnerships, as well as marketing and mountain resorts branding. Special focus was on the knowledge and experiences exchange of the attendees from Serbia and abroad, from private and public sector, mountain resorts, local Tourism Organizations, non-Governmental organizations, as

well as the ski industry from Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Slovakia, Croatia and Slovenia.
Ernest Kovač, President of the Association of Ropeways Slovenia, stated the general agreement of the Summit attendees „It is necessary to establish in mountain resorts such infrastructure that they operate 365 days in the year“. Ivan Vitorović, CEO of Mona Hotel Management Group, said „Skiing has to be accompanied with the infrastructure, uniting of the Government, Local Self-Government and Hotel Managers“and Dejan Ćika, CEO of Public Company Ski Resorts of Serbia, completed it “By ski resort and mountain development as travel destinations, it not only opens new jobs and attracts tens thousands of tourists, but other economic branches develop, as well. We invest to achieve the highest standard. Owing to this, Kopaonik became the most demanded ski destination in this part of Europe and Zlatibor broke the visit record both in summer and winter. Stara Planina has got serious potential for further investments and the conceptual solution and project has already existed for Golija“.
The topics spoken about at the Summit provided the opportunity to the journalists and Conference attendees to see applied at Tornik on Zlatibor, where the Ski Resorts of Serbia put efforts to make this destination interesting both in the summer and winter period. 

The next MountainResortsSummitCentralEurope– MoReSCE should be held in two years.

ISTN provides the report from the MountainResortsSummitCentralEurope– MoReSCE in the chapter EVENTS



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The Tourism Organization of Vojvodina

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The Study Visit of the journalists from Germany and Austria called The North of Serbia: 6 Languages of Vojvodina was executed by the Tourism Organizations of Vojvodina and Serbia (September 15 -19, 2018). Since the journalists expressed their wish to get acquainted with Vojvodina as a multicultural community, the visit included getting to know the culture of Romanians, Slovaks, Ruthenians, Hungarians and Croats in Serbia.

The journalists got acquainted with the secession in Subotica, in Donji Tavankut they made, together with the hosts, decorative items from straw, in Vršac the topic was sacral architecture, in Ruski Krstur they learned how to make the traditional meals, while in Kovačica the naive painting artist Zuzana Vereski showed her skills. The journalists also visited Novi Sad, 2019 European Youth Capital and 2021 European Capital of Culture.

How much, among others, such visits give results, as well, is shown by the statistics saying there were 16% more German tourists in 2017, compared with the previous year and already in the first 7 months of this year 12% growth was recorded, compared with the same period last year.





Announcing the winner of the prize competition „Which moments will you remember this summer?“, National Tourism Organization of Serbia (NTOS) finished successfully the summer campaign at social networks (more than 6.5. million network visits – mostly from India, Turkey, Germany, Russia, USA and the regional countries and the followers number at Instagram and Twitter was increased for 35%), continued by September mini campaign “The Wine Month in Serbia“ and entered the autumn promotion called „Take a Weekend and Experience Autumn in Serbia“.
Serbia positioning at the global tourism market is contributed also by      the attendance at Tourism Fair. At the Fair in Turkey (Izmir, September 7.-11, 2018), from which there are 17% more tourists in 2018 than in the previous year, Serbia was the PARTNER COUNTRY. It featured also by a special brochure in Turkish language, produced for this market. At the Trade Fair Otdykh Leisure in Russia (Moscow, September 11 – 13, 2018), the country from which 15% more tourists come than before, Serbia won Special Recognition for Successful Attendance, promoting the whole tourism potentials of the country, featuring as throughout the year destination with the offer including City Breaks, natural beauties, cultural and historical heritage, gastronomy, mountain and spa resorts. At the Trade Fair in Slovenia (Celje, September 11 – 16, 2018), the country from which 12% more tourists come, Serbia also was the PARTNER COUNTRY. At the Serbia-Hungary Business/Tourism Forum (September 14, 2018, Budapest), the entire tourism offer of Serbia was presented to the travel organizers from Hungary, the country from which 12% more tourists come.
Serbia is increasingly interesting also to many journalist teams coming from the United Kingdom and Ireland (September 5 – 9, 2018) and visited Belgrade (Kalemegdan, Avala, Royal Court Complex, museums), Novi Sad and Sremski Karlovci, while the journalists from Germany and Austria visited Vojvodina (September 15 -19, 2018).  



National tourism organization
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Under cooperation with the local Tourism Organizations from the Region, Regional Development Agency Eastern Serbia (RARIS) created the Regional Tourism Web Platform Eastern Serbia called Visit East Serbia. The project authors say they want to share with the future guests all the best the Eastern Serbia Region has „The most delicious food, rich heritage, socializing with music and wine, the breathtaking views, hospitality. And all this where the best wine is drunk, where Roman Emperors built palaces and the constructors were subliming the Danube, where the reality becomes magic, wild, mystic and attractive“.

Regional Tourism Web Platform Eastern Serbia consists of the website , Facebook page under the same name , Instagram account instagram/visiteastserbia and YouTube Channel. More than 70 attractions, sights and events of the Eastern Serbia are presented in details there. Sixteen detailed tourism maps of the Region, municipalities and cities in the Eastern Serbia may be found and downloaded at the website.





The MAGNIFICENT 12 Project, executed by the Supernatural Citizen Association, under partnership with Veselinov Tourism Consulting and under assistance of the US Embassy to Serbia, promotes 12 Autochthonous Serbian Gastronomic Products from various, equally located resorts of Serbia and so many farms, which besides food manufacturing, also deal in tourism.
The Project mapped 12 households offering the accommodation and serving meals made of selected groceries, such as yogurt, milk cream, cheese, potatoes, paprika, Ayvar, roast lamb meat, hot sausages, honey, spice and medicinal herbs, wine, brandy and other products.
This Project Holder Srđan Stanković, Author and Producer of the Awarded Films 'Food Serbia' and 'On the Danube through Serbia – 588 Impressions', produced for the National Tourism Organization of Serbia, highlights „At the Project end we plan also to publish the bilingual brochure (Serbian/English), which will enable potential guests to get acquainted with the gastronomic offer of Serbia, food and its manufacturers, accommodation opportunities, travel tours and nature wealth.
The brochure with the recipes for the meals preparation and photos will be able to be downloaded from the Internet, as well“. 
The MAGNIFICENT 12 Project is followed also bya space in Belgrade center - Gastronaut, where the local and international guests may taste authentic food from some destinations. The reason for our visit to this space was the presentation (September 13, 2018) of the farm of Veljović-Djusić family from Gledić village, Rakija (Brandy) hamlet from the Gledić mountains. Their specialties are cabbage in the clay pot and brandy from the autochthonous Serbian Ranka plum. The MAGNIFICENT 12 Project authors announce for the forthcoming period in this space also the promotion of meals from Zlatibor and roast lamb meat from Pešter. 


The farm of Veljović-Djusić family
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Veselinov Tourism Consulting

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Special Hospital Kanjiža Spa presents its entire offer first of all at the Specialized Fair of Nutrition, Dietetics, Wellness, Alternative Medicine, Health and Cosmetic Care - Health Festival, held under the slogan Think Earlier, Select Healthier in Belgrade (October 4 –5, 2018, Serbian Army Hall) and then also at the Tourism Fair in Novi Sad (October 4 – 7, 2018, Novi Sad Fair Master Hall).

Kanjiža Spa, which closed the summer season with almost all full capacities, highlights the medical rehabilitation programs, preventive programs for Osteoporosis treatment, attractive Wellness programs, such as „My Weekend“, „Wellness and Sport Team Building“ and „Shopping and Spa Weekend“, while the focus is on the discount for the Inpatient Day Related to the Number of Days  (all guests staying 15 to 21 days may get it and the additional discount is related to the staying for more than 21 days). Special Fair discount has been announced, as well.

ISTN provides attached current programs of Kanjiža Spa.

The Kanjiža Spa

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After the panel discussion under the title Advancement of the Management System at Travel Destinations in Serbia was held  at the Singidunum University in Belgrade (May 25, 2018), which is within the contribution provided by the SITCON Conference  (Singidunum International Tourism Conference) to the development of the scientific and professional mind in tourism, especially in Serbia, the SITCON 2018 Conference will also be held at the Singidunum University (October 12, 2018) with the main topic Culture, Heritage and Tourism Development.

Processing of the received proposals within the project 'Quality Estimation of Belgrade City Tourism Offer' (SINGIDUNUM WINNER) is in progress, as well, organized for three consecutive years by Singidunum University, along with its partners – Belgrade City Assembly, Tourism Organization and Chamber of Commerce of Belgrade, as well as Business Associations HORES and YUTA. Let us remind – The Project understands quality estimation of Belgrade three, four and five star hotels, categorized restaurant facilities, as well as the incoming travel agencies and all in order to advance the tourism offer quality as one of the main competitiveness factors of the travel destination. The idea is to find out the existing market situation and to give recommendations for the development tourism policy of the City of Belgrade, along with all most important tourism industry representatives. The quality estimation is executed by the students at the final study years of Singidunum University, based upon criteria prepared in advance and with the mentorship of their Professors. After the Project completion, awards will be handed over to the best ranked facilities. 



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Niš, the third largest destination by tourist visits, after Belgrade and Novi Sad, recently visited by the journalists and photo reporters from Slovakia, is becoming increasingly intersting to the local tourists, but primarily to the international ones. It is declared from the Tourism Organization of Niš, „If we look at the achieved results in the period January – July 2018, we can see the positive growth trend continues. In this period  the total number of tourists was increased for 17.3%, compared with the same period in 2017, where the number of the local arrivals was increased for 9.2% and the number of the international ones for 24.6%.

Commenting high arrival of the internatiional tourists, Uroš Parlić, CEO of Tourism Organization of  Niš, says „There is continuity in the arrival of the guests from Bulgaria and Greece. But those from Sweden, Germany, Italy and China arrive, as well.

As regarding the accommodation capacities, there are enough hotels, hostels and other accommodation facilities, although the statistics do not include the non-categorized tourist facilities“.

The tourists in Niš visit the Fortress, Museum, Monument Park Bubanj, Skull Tower, Čegar Hill, many churches, Tinkers’ Alley, the youth meeting point, and other localities. What Niš offers to the tourists will be shown at the forthcoming Tourism Fairs in Novi Sad (October 4 -7, 2018) and Kragujevac (November 23 -25, 2018).

Tourism Organization of Niš

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This year,  the Netherlands is the Guest Country of the Balkan Cheese Festival, the eighth largest gastronomic / tourism exhibition of the autochthonous cheese types of the Balkans, where the visitors may taste rare and unusual types of cheese from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, France and Croatia, make the relevant pairs of cheese with the wines, get to know the sweets with cheese and goat cheese will be presented for the first time in the Irish Guiness beer. A form part of this year’s Festival are also the lectures with the topics „Dutch Tradition: Cheese Manufacturing at Farms“, „History of Cheese Making and Cheese Types of the Netherlands“ and „Old Meals from Cheese and Dairy Products as a Part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Serbia“.


Balkan Cheese Festival is held on October 13 and 14, 2018 at the premises of the Belgrade Youth Hall, the Partner of this event.




Researches executed among the local and international tourists in Serbia show the EVENTS are one of the most mentioned reasons for the tourist movements in Serbia. There are about 2,000 of them annually, their number grows. We have already written about the fact that in August and September many events overlapped, which was not good either for organizers or visitors. However, in October, the event calendar is better allocated and tourists can visit more of them.

For the forthcoming days Internet Serbia Travel News suggests you to visit the following ones:
29. do 30.septembra u Beogradu traje „Jesenji Ukus Fest“ (Hotel MetropolPalace), festival domaće hrane i pića sa preko 100 izlagača iz cele Srbije i Regiona, uz degustaciju  sireva, suhomesnatih proizvoda, vina, likera, domaćih sokova, piva, kolača i džemova (

October 3 to 7, at Novi Sad Fair, the International Fairs (LORIST) of Hunting and Fishing, Tourism, Environment and Sport are held (

October 12 to 14 in Topola, included in the European Destination of Excellence Network – EDEN, is Oplenac Grape Picking, the traditional economic/tourism event to praise grapes and taste wine. The Picking is followed also by the National Creativity Group (
October 13 to 14 is Raška Get-Together, one of the oldest ones in Serbia. It is famous for the Host Street with the sales products exhibited, as well as the entertainment features (
October 14 in Kruševac, there is the International Tourism Publications Festival ‘A Suitcase of Letters’(
October 19 to 20, in Belgrade, the gastronomic/tourism event Beogourment lasts, the meeting point of high quality wine and food fans (
National tourism organization of Serbia,       + 381 11 6557100,,