National Tourism Organization of Serbia (NTOS), which featured  at the International Travel Trade Show World Travel Market (WTM) in London (November 5 – 7, 2018) and the most important International Travel Mart in Shanghai (November 16 – 18, 2018) the overall tourism offer of Serbia, with the focus on the cities offer, first of all Belgrade and Novi Sad, active outdoor holiday – biking and trekking, on the ski destinations, as well as the tours related to the cultural – historical heritage, wine, gastronomy and the most important events in Serbia, announces, in addition to the already executed campaigns at the global media BBC World, Eurosport, TV Channel 5, Travel Channel, CNN, Euronews, National Geographic and TV 5 Monde, and the cooperation with the travel portals, intended for travels, such as Trip Advisor and Expedia. In this respect Marija Labović, NTOS CEO, says „Our researches show about 70% of tourists visited Serbia based upon the online information. Thus, we plan a more intensive promotion, first of all the digital one, and we shall be more present at social networks, as well“. 
Under support of European Tourism Commission, Serbia featured in China together with the Danube Competence Center, as well as the Hungarian National Tourist Office and National Tourism Board of Germany, many Memorandums of Cooperation were signed with the most important Chinese travel agencies and in order to promote tourism potentials of Serbia, NTOS organizes also many study visits of the representatives of tourism industry and media from China, an interesting market for the offer sending through media and digital technologies to both individual tourists and the travel organizers.

The journalists from China get to know the City Break offer of Belgrade, Novi Sad and Subotica, visit farms, the Palić Lake, wineries, Sremski Karlovci, Niš, Novi Pazar, the Monasteries Žiča, Studenica, Đurđevi Stupovi and Sopoćani, Zlatibor, Mokra Gora, ethnic villages Sirogojno and  Drvengrad, Topolu and Oplenac, Đerdap, Uvac and other regions and destinations.  
After the summer campaign with the invitation to the local tourists to spend their weekends at one of the attractive destinations of Serbia, under the title SERBIA IS INVITING YOU, NTOS created the autumn campaign Where to go on the weekend.

National tourism organization of Serbia

+ 381 11 6557100


ISTN provides attached the campaign Where to go on the weekend



Tourism Organization of Vojvodina (TOV), presents at the Tourism and Rural Tourism Fair in Kragujevac (November 23 – 25, 2018), after its participation in the first Greek – Serbian Tourism Forum within the Philoxenia show in Thessaloniki (November 9, 2018) and the Autumn Fair in Banjaluka (November 15 -18, 2018), the overall tourism offer of the destination, as well as the current offer for the forthcoming New Year’d Eve and Christmas holidays, along with the Tourism Organizations of Vršac, Bačka Palanka, Kovin, Temerin, Žabalj, Subotica, Zrenjanin, Pančevo, Plandište, Novi Bečej, Kovačica, Bela Crkva, as well as the Deliblato Sands Cluster. In accordance with the statistics showng the highest growth of tourist arrivals still in  Subotica and Novi Sad, which as the European Youth Capital 2019 and the European Capital of Culture 2021, was declared by Lonely Planet guide „One of the best global city destinations for tourism 2019”, Nataša Pavlović, TOV CEO, points out  the greatest attractions of Vojvodina, besides Novi Sad, Subotica and Palić, are the Summer PANNONIAN ADVENTURE with the Danube and the Tisa, the rivers included in the Serbian tourism development by 2025 as a highlighted attractive area, with the enhancement of the natural and cultural attractions, the VOJVODINA AUTUMN Soul with the visit to Monasteries and wineries and the FARMS, visited both in the summer and winter period“.
In Vojvodina’s tourism further development, in addition to the ViCTour project, under cooperation with the Republic of Croatia and which impacts the cultural tourism advancement in Srem, TOV participates also in the IPA project IDENTIS (Integrated Development of Natural and Cultural Tourism in Tisa River Region) with the Republic of Hungary, in which it as the leading partner of Csongrád County improves tourism of the Tisa Region and the twelve Municipalities included in it, with the idea of the increase of the growth of visitors to the Tisa Region attractions, as well as cooperation establishing between the Tourism Organizations, Tour operators, companies and population of the two neighboring countries.




The Tourism Organization of Vojvodina

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Turistička prizma Ltd

+ 381 21 3006274



Organized by the Tourist Prism magazine from Novi Sad, the WESTM 2018 –  5th Winter Events & Spa Travel Market was held in Belgrade  (October 24 – 25, 2018, Hyatt Regency Hotel), a business meeting intended for congress, seminar and other event organizers, hotels and other accommodation facilities, convention centers, Tourism Organizations, travel organizers, the related services providers, the companies dealing within the convention tourism (MICE). A form part of the WESTM 2018 meeting was also the conference Belgrade Tourism & MICE Forum, organized by the Tourism Organization of Belgrade and CERTUS – Center for Tourism Development of Serbia.  
The Business Meeting WESTM 2018 was followed also by the traditional TOURIST PRISM Award granting launching the action For the New Quality in Tourism. For Internet Serbia Travel News Đorđe Mihajlović, CEO and Editor of the Tourist Prism, says “From the very beginning, the guiding idea was raising of the tourism service level and stimulation of the innovative projects in the tourism industry of the region. This year, the jury decided to grant only ten awards, which speaks in the best way about very sharp selection and the intention to keep the action at high level, as before“.

Within the WESTM 2018 meeting and the Award granting, the annual almanac Tourist Prism 2019 was promoted, as well. 
This year's TOURIST PRISM winners:



HOTEL HILLS, Sarajevo, BIH - congress centres and hotels category

INTERCONTINENTAL, Ljubljana, Slovenia - business hotels category

NACIONALNI PARK KORNATI, Croatia - eco and ethno tourism category

HOTEL VERDE COMPLEX, Podgorica, Crna Gora - congress industry category

KRANJSKA GORA, Slovenia - tourist organization/association (DMO) category

HOTEL TUTTO, Janče, NP Mavrovo, Makedonija - small hotels category

VELIKOGOSPOJINSKI DANI, Novi Bečej, Srbija - manifestations and events category

SOLARIS RESORTS, Vrnjci Spa, Srbija - wellness&spa centres and hotels category

RESTORAN AMPHORA, Belgrade, Srbija - restaurants and other hospitality category

SINGIDUNUM UNIVERSITY - FACULTY OF TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT, Beograd, Srbija - special award for tourism development support and scientific contribution


ISTN kompletan prikaz konferencije WESTM 2018 i dodele Priznanja daje u rubrici MANIFESTACIJE




Singidunum University – FACULTY OF TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT is the winner of the Special Award for Tourism Development Support and Scientific Contribution, granted by the Editorial Board of the Tourist Prism Magazine (on October 24, 2018) within the action For the New Quality in Tourism. Thanking on behalf of all awarded ones in this action, Prof. Dr. Slobodan Čerović, Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management at the Singidunum University, highlighted  „Serbia increasingly keeps pace faster with the global tourism trends and, in addition to the tourism offer growth, this is shown also by the increasing number of the interested parties to include in the tourism industry, as well as the increasing number of young people seeing their business perspective in the tourism studies“.
Following the activities of the Singidunum University, we remind of some of the initiatives of this institution impacting the drvrlopmrnt trend of Serbian tourism: creation of the competition in the solving the case study for the students of secondary professional schools and high schools with the topic „Souvenirs – Tourism Promotion and the Local Identity Symbols, organization of the panel discussion Improvement of the Tourism Destination Management System in Serbia and the SITCON 2018 Conference with the topic Culture, Heritage and Tourism Development, as well as the execution of the project 'Quality Estimation of Belgrade City Tourism Offer' - SINGIDUNUM WINNER, where the main participants are the students themselves. Singidunum University students participate also in the MEKST Conference (November 23 – 25, 2018, Novi Sad) where the students of tourism and hospitality from the whole region discuss the topics „Digital Marketing Implementation in Tourism“, „New Trends in Hospitality Management“ and „The Future Tourism“.        






On Serbian mountains - Kopaonik, Zlatibor (Tornik) and Staroj Planina preparations are underway for the winter season  2018/2019. At a meeting with journalists, the Management of Ski Resorts of Serbia announced the season opening, the popular Ski Opening on Kopaonik (December 6 – 9, 2018 with 20% discount and December 13 – 16, 2018 with 30% discount), Stara Planina and Zlatibor –Tornik (December 20 -23, 2018, with 30% discount). The PROMOTIONAL  WEEKENDS – Ski Week have been  announced, as well (January 14 – 20, 2019 and February 18 – 24, 2019 with 10% discount to three to seven days ski passes and Ski Weekend (March 7 – 10, 2019 and March 21 – 24, 2019 with 20% discount to two and four days ski passes). Having mentioned the last year’s winter season and this year’s summer one, Dejan Ćika, CEO of the Ski Resorts of Serbia says “The ski season 2017/2018 was the most successful season since the Company’s establishing. The summer season in the mountain resorts becomes increasingly popular annually. Thus, this summer we had many innovations and one of the most important ones was the summer skiing track, installed by us on Kopaonik. Thereby, this ski resort became the only one in this part of Europe having such and so long summer skiing track. Now, the skiing fans may enjoy it favorite sport throughout the year”.
For the winter season 2018/2019, the Ski Resorts of Serbia provided the ski resort Kopaonik with the electric readers system, which will raise the skiers and boarders security to a higher level, new ski tracks are manufactured at the locations Gvozdac, Krčmar, Pančić and Duboka, as well as the new night track on the Pančić peak.

Kopaonik gets as the first and so far the only one in the region the taxi stamper, which will be used for driving and skiers transport on the mountain. Kopaonik visitors are expected this year also by various music/entertainment features in the Sport Valley, many international competitions in Alpine skiing and snowboard disciplines, the Friendly 3S Race and various other activities.
And let’s remind, all this winter will bring on the Serbian mountains - Kopaonik, Zlatibor (Tornik) and Staroj Planina will be shown by Ski Resorts of Serbia  at the International Fair of Winter Sport Equipment, Tourism and Recreation EXPOZIM, held on November 29 to December 2 this year, at Belgrade Fair. During this event, the ski pass discount is 10%.

ISTN provides attached the price list of the Ski Resorts of Serbia for the winter season 2018/2019.

+ 381 11 3117901




Within the WESTM 2018 Business Forum, the panel discussion with the topic Tourism in Cities was held (October 25, 2018), at which, in addition to Belgrade, Novi Sad, Banja Luka and Podgorica, Niš was presented, as well, the city having in the first nine months of this year the increased number of tourists for 17% and the nights number higher for9.7%, compared with the same period last year. The local tourists’ number was increased for 8.3% and the international ones even for 23.5%.
For the Internet Serbia Travel News,  Uroš Parlić, CEO of the Tourism Organization of Niš, says „We came to such results, the continuous tourism sales growth, the fact we are the increasingly recognizable travel destination in this part of Europe, in which a bed more is asked for, very much owing to the good digital promotion of Niš, attendance of the trade fairs in Serbia and abroad, the cooperation with the National Tourism Organization of Serbia, media companies and many international journalists”.
Parlić highlights primarily the strategic planning, the number of nights doubled in four years, as well as the cooperation with international partners and tour operators. For the forthcoming period he announces also solving of the issue lack of a Convention Center, which would turn the tourism resort Niš also into a serious convention destination

We would remind Niš, the traditional New Year’s Eve destination, primarily for the neighbors from the nearby countries, which was interesting also for the journalists from China, who visited the Niš Fortress and the Tinkers Alley, promotes its winter offer also at the Tourism and Rural Tourism Fair in Kragujevac (November 23 – 25, 2018).



Tourism Organization of Niš

+381 18 505689

Many innovations of Special Hospital Kanjiža Spa, an outstanding medical/tourism institution equipped with the state of the art physical medicine and medical rehabilitation devices, intended both for those who come  for prevention, using various anti-stress, spa and sport programs and those who need rehabilitation or come for Convention Tourism, were the reason for the Internet Serbia Travel News (ISTN) team to visit this complex, one of the most attractive ones in Serbia. Last year's great investment – the swimming pool area reconstruction, executed on the SPA DAY, officially established in 1913, has been enhanced, as highlighted by Ljubinka Taljai Maksimović and Elena Veselinov from Kanjiža Spa Management, and renewed gym and sport hall, swimming pool lift supporting the Accessible Tourism, taking a very important position at Kanjiža Spa and a new edition of the monograph THE CENTENNIAL SPA was published, in which, in addition to the spa history, further spa development plans were presented.

Very satisfied by what we saw, experienced and tried, we are talking to Dr. Med. Slobodanka Drndarski, CEO of Kanjiža Spa, who says for ISTN „We accelerate here the way to health and beauty under implementation of the curing factor and professional monitoring of our outstanding medical team. By the end of the year, the new medical equipment arrives – T-CARE apparatus, ELECTROMYONEUROGRAPH, HORIZONTAL THERAPY DEVICE and BIOPTRON Light, which will certainly contribute to even better medical / tourism service combined by us in the best possible way.  Production of the feasibility study for an outdoor swimming pool is underway, as well“. 

In Kanjiža Spa, where the preparations are fully underway for the New Year's Eve 2019, as well, both in the halls and very originally, also at the swimming pool, the ISTN Team assured themselves there is order, kindness and extremely high level of professional service. Kanjiža Spa stands out from other spas by its plentiful offer, excursions and recreations imagination, as well as extra services and really enables its guest to have a combination of healthy, beautiful and beneficial. In other words – WE RECOMMEND IT. 

ISTN provides attached the NEW YEAR’s EVE program, as well as the other ones of Kanjiža Spa


Specijalna bolnica za rehabilitaciju
„Banja Kanjiža“

+381 24 875163



Beograd, Prote Mateje 9
+381 11 2444676


Serbian medical tourism offer was completed by DIVA LASER CENTER, the institution dealing in DERMATOLOGICAL ANTIAGING PROCEDURES and LASERS, more than 27 years just the peak in dermatology, esthetic surgery and laser medicine. Since the patients in DIVA LASER CENTER are treated by the state of the art lasers, used in the best global clinics, Nataša Zmbov, Founder of DIVA LASER CENTER, says “Following the global trends, we introduced the new laser technology. Thus, it is possible now to return the beauty of one’s natural contours of both face and body by a combination of radio frequency and ultrasound, the synergy of two energies. The procedure is painless, safe and reliable, without the recovery period. Innovative technology and HEALTHY AGING MEDICINE are highlighted. Devotion to each detail and the wish always to be at service to the clients and their needs moves all employees at the DIVA LASER CENTER to search and research new things and have professional training”.

At the DIVA LASER CENTER, located in 9, Prote Mateje Street in Belgrade, visited by patients from the whole region, DERMATOLOGICAL CONSULTING IS FREE OF CHARGE.




In order to enrich the tourism offer of the city, Tourism Organization of Belgrade published the book Enigma Singidunum / On the Trace of Scordisci Settlement on the Ground of the Present Belgrade, which promotes Celtic heritage in these regions.

Within the future tourist tour following the trace of Celtic settlements in Belgrade, tourism journalists were driven by a ship through the Danube Aquatorium (November 7, 2018), they were getting to know some of the locations of the Celtic settlements and tasted the ‘Celtic Snacks’. Vesna Aleksić, the author of the book Enigma Singidunum, says “Singidunum and Taurunum, Celtic settlements at the confluence of the Sava into the Danube, are the far ancestors of the contemporary Belgrade. Singidunum establishing is connected to the existence of the Celtic tribal community Scordisci, mentioned for the first time in the ancient sources in 279 B.C. Although there are no settlement findings, the archaeological remnants, found at many places in the center and surrounding of Belgrade, are preserved in the City Museum, National Museum and the Archaeological Collection of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Belgrade”. 
Since Belgrade, having since the beginning of the year the increased visits of the international guests for 16%, is increasingly interesting at the global tourism map, the tourism attraction, which by its features shows the Scordisci life, the founders of the Celtic Singidunum and in its basis has got also the Danube connecting all nations at the territories it flows through, would certainly contributed to more visits to the city. Thus, Miodrag Popović, CEO of the Tourism Organization of Belgrade, announces the idea of the Archeological Park construction on Ada Huja as the reconstruction of the Celtic settlement and The Celt Enigma, expanding from Petrovaradin, through Stari Slankamen, Zemun and Belgrade.

The planned travel tour Enigma Singidunum / On the Trace of Scordisci Settlement on the Ground of the Present Belgrade for the next season includes ship drive from Jugoslavija Hotel to the  Pančevo Bridge and vice versa.  


Tourism Organization of Belgrade

+ 381 11 3625060


Olympic Center Jahorina, the largest and most modern ski resort in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was in 1984 one of the locations of the Winter Olympic Games, organized, along with the Representative Office of The Republic of Srpska in Serbia (on November 15, 2018, Kasina Club) JAHORINA EVENING IN BELGRADE, where the results so far were presented, as well as the plans for the forthcoming winter tourism season. For the Internet Serbia Travel News, Dejan Ljevnaić, CEO of the OC Jahorina, says “We have got a new snowing system, which guarantees for the first time in history skiing during 120 says, we have got new tracks, excellent price and quality relation, which makes us more competitive compared with many European centers and we also organize various events which attract visitors”.
At the JAHORINA EVENING, the center included by the newspaper Guardian in 10 Best Small Ski Resorts in Europe, especially announced was Retro Ski Opening (December 13 – 16, 2018) with many parties and competition activities, Mini Olympic Games – Slalom on the old ski models, bobsleigh and ice hockey competitions, as well as night skiing with torches. During this year’s Ski Opening visitors will ski with 70% ski pass discounts and the travel package with 3 nights in the Bistrica Hotel and 3 days of skiing starts already with 99 Euros. 

Olympic Center Jahorina, which will be the whole December marked by many competitions, entertainment events and concerts of popular singers, has got about 40 kilometers of prepared tracks, 3 six-seaters, 2 ski lifts, 1 two-seater, 17 tracks for adults, 2 tracks for children and the possibility of transporting about 13,000 skiers in one hour.

ISTN provides attached the promotional film Feel the Winter, Catch Jahorina, as well as the ski pass price list for the season 2018/2019


+ 387 57270187



Tourism potentials of Stara Pazova Municipality were presented within The MAGNIFICENT 12 Project (October 18, 2018) executed by the  Supernatural Citizen Association, under partnership with Veselinov Tourism Consulting and under assistance of the US Embassy to Serbia. In the Gastronaut Bar in Belgrade, Tourism Organization of Stara Pazova Municipality presented the destination through the natural beauties of Belegiš islands, the Equestrian Club Mirela, Surduk, Museum of Avant-garde Arts Macura in Stari Banovci, the restaurant Adventurers’ Garden, the locations and facilities already included by the Tourism Organization of Vojvodina in its tour The Pannonian Summer Adventure.

The Host of Stara Pazova presentation was the complex Dream Danube Home from Belegiš. Fish Stew was served as a recognizable meal from this region, while the Pastry Shop Maestro Nikola from Golubinci offered the traditional sweets, such as poppy strudel and apple pie.
The MAGNIFICENT 12 Project itself promotes 12 autochthonous Serbian gastronomic products from various, regionally equally located resorts of Serbia and so many farms, which besides food manufacturing, also deal in tourism. The Project mapped 12 households offering the accommodation and serving meals made of selected groceries, such as yogurt, milk cream, cheese, potatoes, paprika, Ayvar, roast lamb meat, hot sausages, honey, spice and medicinal herbs, wine, brandy and other products.



+381 63205275


Tourism Organization of Stara Pazova

+381 22 310140


Veselinov Tourism Consulting

+381 648181007



Organized by Tourism World magazine and under the slogan „On the Way from a Vision to the Execution”, the Anniversary 15th Hotel Managers Forum is held on November 23 – 25, 2018 at the  Grand Hotel Tornik on Zlatibor. Ljiljana Rebronja, Managing Director of the Hotel Managers Forum, announces the topics launching, such as „How to turn dreams into reality?”, „Why is this travel often at the impossible mission limit?”, „What kind of logistics is really necessary to create the sustainable future?”, „What are the visible holes and what the invisible ones on the way to its execution?” and others. 

Within the Forum, the hotel industry stakeholders and their partners will be granted for the 13th time also the elite awards The Good Service Ambassadors.  

Tourism World magazine

+381 11 3050 716




3rd UNWTO/UNESCO World Conference on TOURISM and CULTURE, held from December 3 to 5, 2018, in Istanbul, (Turkey) builds on the outcomes of the Declarations of the two previous conferences - from 2015, which recommended closer and targeted partnerships between stakeholders of culture and of tourism and from 2017, which committed its endorsees to enhancing the contribution of tourism and culture in national sustainable strategies. This year’s Conference is held under the slogan BENEFITS FOR ALL and the UNWTO declares it puts forward two priorities: 1) Creating more inclusive partnerships between tourism and culture stakeholders the contribute to the sustainable development goals implementation; and 2) Promoting tourism development that encourages cultural interaction and ensures the benefits are shared by all communities involved. The Conference should further highlight how Cultural Tourism can make an important contribution to the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals in terms of poverty reduction, fighting inequality and promoting inclusive growth.

ISTN provides attached the message of Zurab Pololikashvili,  UNWTO Secretary General, on the occasion of this Conference